Contingency Program

Our contingency program is the largest and easiest youth contingency program offered in the United States. Riders can earn credit for submitting pictures, stories, videos, and race results.

You can sign up anytime during the year! DRR® USA has now changed contingency eligibility to include all model year ATVs.

Please see the list below for sanctioned race series.

Redeeming Contingency Dollars

DRR® credit or DRR® Dollars can only be used to by DRR® parts, accessories or tires on DRR®'s website. Sign in to Add the parts you wish to buy with your contingency dollars to the cart. Write int he memo section that you are a contignency rider. Select money order as payment method. All contingency dollars must be redeemed by February 28th of the following year.

Sign Up

To sign up, please complete the following:

  • Print or download The Contingency Form (rev. 2017)
  • Read the contingency rules and award allocations
  • Make sure your vehicle is compliant with the contingency qualification rules:
    • Three (3) stickers visible
    • Seat must display "DRR"®
    • DRR® must be listed as manufacturer
  • Mail, fax, or e-mail the completed form along with a picture of the rider with the vehicle to:
    • DRR® USA, Inc.
      PO Box 875
      Brunswick, OH 44212
      Phone 330.220.3102
      Fax 330.220.3204
  • Please allow up to 14 business days for us to get back to you.


In order to receive credit for the Contingency Program you must post on our Facebook page. No other submissions will be allowed. We do not accept faxed results or results more than 2 weeks after the date of the event.

Post your results

Rules for reporting

Agreement to the following rules on this page are part of the requirements on page 3 prior to completing and mailing in the application.

Reporting rules and guidelines: DRR® ATVs must receive results within 10 days of event posted or they will be forfeited on Facebook rider’s page or JOBS@DRRINC.COM in order for contingency to be paid. The results must include the Series, Track, Class, Dates and a link to the site that has the official or un-official results. You may use my laps! See example on website. Each race must have a minimum of 4 Competitors to receive results credit.

*Photos: $2.00 per picture with a maximum of receiving $20.00 per race. You can post the maximum of 10 pictures in a collage, however in order to receive credit for all 10 pictures you will need to post each picture on the Facebook riders page. If not, you will only receive credit for one picture. Note: When posting on Facebook you need to change the post privacy setting to PUBLIC which will ensure that the post is seen by all of our members. If the privacy settings are Friends or Only Me, you will not receive credit.

*YouTube video: $10.00 per Online video link featuring DRR® DRX or DB50 in the title, description, and tags and a link to DRR®'s website at

Once accepted into the program you will receive details on how to redeem contingency dollars. Post 11 photos to the riders’ all on the same up load page--not individually--to receive full credit. (9 individual pictures of rider, one picture of race result, one collage.) These must be posted to the Riders Page.

In case of multiple divisions of the same class, DRR® will pay one division as specified by promoter. In cases of dual sanctioned events, rider will be paid for one event only. Contingency will be paid on the rider’s best finish in one class only per race. No multiple classes in the same race.

Any fraudulent or altered entries will result in immediate release of eligibility. DRR® is not responsible for late, missing or undelivered results for any reason. Reporting is the sole responsibility of the contingency rider. There will be no Payouts for race results not submitted exactly as required by the DRR® contingency and they will be forfeited for that race. All credits for pictures, races, results and any reported items are done at the sole discretion of DRR®. Race classifications are determined soley by DRR®, for example, a series with National in the title that only covers 3 states will be classified as a regional.

DRR® may choose to issue credit, the level of credit, or not for submitted items solely at its own discretion. DRR® may modify, alter, end part or all of this program at any time without notification. DRR® may qualify or disqualify participants in this program at any time without warning or notification to the participant.