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Here is the situation; you bought a new ATV or Dirtbike to play with during the summer and now you are ready to store your new toy for the winter, but how do you store it and make sure it will still run for the next summer? You need a step by step guide for this but where do you find one? Well right here of course! With a few simple steps, you will be keeping your new toy clean and summer ready through the winter storage!

Step One: Clean Your Machine

This may seem like the simplest step, however, it is also the step that is skipped the most as well. Your machine should be completely clean prior to storage every year. This cleaning should start at the top and finish at the bottom. All mud, dirt, grass or other debris needs to be removed from all working parts of the machine.  The most effective way of doing this is to do a standard wash and hose down. Pay close attention to the wheels and anything that has come in contact with a large amount of dirt.

Step Two: Drain all Fuel and Add a Stabilizer

The number of people who leave fuel in their tank is surprising. Old fuel can damage the internal workings when it is restarted for the next season. Removing all of the fuel makes sure your engine and the internal workings of the machine work at peak condition the following season. Add your stabilizing mix after removing the fuel for storage. Adding this will ensure that all lines and moving parts will keep from dry rotting throughout the storage period.

Step Three: Tend to the Battery

Again another easy step that is most often missed. Make sure the battery is clean and in good working order. Some people like to remove the battery for storage, others do not. That part is optional. But to make sure that your battery is ready for the end of the season, check to see that there is plenty of fluid in the battery and that all dirt and other debris is removed. Make sure all connections are tight and safe as well.

Step Four: Change Your Oil and Filter

Think of this step like getting your car ready for winter. Change your oil and filter so that your machine is ready for the next riding season. Make sure that you use the recommended oil and parts for your particular model. This step will not only preserve your machine over the winter but will also save you time when you are ready to start your baby up again in the following season.

Step Five: Inflate Tires

Check your tires and make sure that they are properly inflated. The amount of air each tire is to have is found on the side of the tires. This step will ensure your tires will not sit low and have a flat spot in them when you are ready to ride again. Make sure you are using a properly working air gauge as well when checking your tires so that you are not over or under-inflated. Never rely on that you "just filled them after your last ride&quote;. As the air temperature changes outside so does the amount of air in the tires. Be safe and save yourself from having to buy new tires after storage and always check the pressure.

Step Six: Cover

Even if you are storing your baby inside make sure you cover it. Dust can be a nightmare in the next season. Dust will not just settle on the surface of the ATV or Dirtbike it can get into the working parts if it the machine is not covered. When covering your machine make sure that it is completely covered or use a cover designed for your type of machine. This will keep the dust, dirt, water and other winter issues from taking their toll on the machine and its parts.

So there it is six simple steps to storing your favorite machine for the winter. Each step is not too complicated and the whole process should only take about two hours at the most. It is more than worth the time now to avoid having to deal with bigger problems when all you really want to do is gas up and ride later.