"Better parts in stock than all major manufacturers our dealership get parts sent out from here all the time! When we set our dealership up we were surprised they did not have franchise fees! We found these guys on Facebook and eventually bought a quad from one of their dealers. What an incredible ATV."

- Gerardo Reed

"The suspension of his ATVs incredible. I can't believe they were able to find a company that assembles here in the US. Customer service is incredible. Thanks!"

- Palmer Vito

"Pro riders 1st choice for kids ATV. Quick and efficient, smaller company, more responsive to questions."

- Nadine Herrera

"More championship riders than all other combined. Locally owned & easy access in Ohio."

- Tasha Fox

"Family of Racers who know what it takes. Engineered to Win Races. Our DRR rocks!"

- Naomi Coleman

"Our kids Get paid to ride by sending pictures and videos because of the contingency program!"

- Ralph Willie

"Great competition race quads! They support their dealers and customers. Parts are readily available and there are a lot of good options for upgrades and modifications."

- Ray So