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Children and DRR Youth ATV Safety

All-terrain vehicles look awesome and are fun to ride but can be dangerous if not ridden properly. When choosing an activity for your kids it is important to find something that will keep them safe and active. Luckily four wheelers are something the entire family can enjoy together. ATV safety should be considered after purchase. Here are some tips for you and your kids to be safe while riding.

DRR USA Mini Quad Youth ATV safety 50cc 70cc 90cc Four Wheeler Safest Youth Fourwheeler

So what can you do to ensure ATV safety?

The size of your ATV matters compared to the age of your children.

Age matters.

  1. No child under the age of 6 years should operate a DRR ATV.

  2. Children 6 years and older should use a 50-70cc DRR ATV.

  3. Children 12 years and older should use a 90cc DRR ATV.

For more information on Safety and ATV sizing visit our website: DRR USA

Wear the Right Equipment.

Be prepared. Sometimes accidents happen, it is important to make sure your child is protected just in case. Make sure they’re wearing a helmet, gloves, chest protectors, and boots when riding on their DRR ATV.

Supervision and the buddy system.

Always supervise young children, especially if they are under 16 years of age. As they get older, teach your children to ride separate ATVs with a friend or family member.

Avoid public roads.

All-terrain vehicles are meant for off-roading, not asphalt and concrete. Try to keep it in the correct terrain where there’s no danger of traffic.

Not a tandem bike.

Most ATVs are meant for a single rider. Having extra passengers can be dangerous and may cause the ATV to be unbalanced. This could cause it to tip and crash.

Safety courses.

Your child is more likely to handle their ATV properly and drive safely if you enroll them in an ATV safety course. Make sure children are aware of the dangers when handling their ATV and how they can prevent potential accidents.

To schedule a rider safety course, contact the ATV Safety Institute (ASI).

The best way to stay safe is to stay informed. So, ask questions if you are unsure. Your local dealer will have the necessary safety information when you purchase your child’s vehicle.

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