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Places to Ride ATVs in Iowa

Iowa 4 Wheeling Trails
Best ATV Trails in Iowa

Not only can you visit Iowa to go to the State Fair which is known to be one of the biggest and most well-known state fairs in the country, but you can also go trail riding! This state offers six parks operated by the Department of Natural Resources and welcomes all types of off-road vehicles to all levels of riders. With these trails comes a variety of terrain and vast open spaces for the whole family.

1. River Valley OHV Park

Located on the western side of Iowa, this park has 23 miles of off-road track that spans over 190 acres of rugged terrain near the Missouri River. There are a few hills and several sand tracks. It's simple to spend an entire day exploring all this OHV park has to offer, whether you ride an off-road bike or an ATV. The River Valley is open all year. Click here for more information.

2. Lakeview OHV Park

Between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, this is one of the best OHV attractions in the state. This park has a variety of tracks for riders of all skill levels. From soft sand to hard-packed dirt and mud, the terrain is varied. It is quite popular and has over 160 acres to explore. Although camping is not permitted, there are campgrounds within a short range of the park. Click here for more information.

3. Creek OHV Park

The Bluff Creek OHV Park, located southeast of Des Moines and southwest of Oskaloosa in Mahaska County, offers ATV riders 20 miles of trails on 360 acres. The park is mostly on the site of an old strip coal mine, with high hill climbs and rolling hills. The family-friendly perimeter route rings the park, while the forested trails weave through the trees. Click here for more information.

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