DRR USA EV Safari electric ATV

EV Safari 4x4

$14,999 USD

The power to experience the wilderness is yours.

35 Mile range!

The EV Safari 4x4 has a powerful 7.5 kW electric motor designed to tackle the tougher side of the outdoors. Going off the beaten trail? Hunting or fishing? The completely silent motor of this all electric ATV with 2wd,4wd, and 4wL will take you where you need to go.

Designed For

DRR USA electric atv is made for rough terrain

Rough Terrain

DRR USA electric atv is make for snow plowing

Snow Plowing

DRR USA electric atv is made for trail riding

Trail Riding


DRR USA electric atv is made for towing

$14,999 USD

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Our Electric ATVs are fully battery Powered
Electric ATVs reduce your footprint
Electric Fourwheeler Use No Fuel
Our Electric ATVs Are Silent


Our Electric ATVs Have No Harmful Emissions