Where do I find my vehicle VIN # located?

The VIN # on the right upper control arm.

Is there a warranty on the EV ATVs?

Yes. All EV ATVs come with a warranty for a period of 90 days with 45 days of labor.

Where can I get maintenance done on my electric ATV?

DRR USA offers skype/facetime/whatsapp tech support on all electric products. Email or call 330-220-3102 to make an appointment or take it to a DRR Authorized Dealership.

At what temperature do I store my electric ATV's battery pack?

The optimal temperture is between 40° and 110°F

Traditional ATVs

What is the recommended oil ratio for my DRR ATV?

DRR USA recommends a ratio of 32:1

Where do I find my vehicle VIN # located?

The VIN is located on the frame behind the radiator.

Which fuel should I use to operate my DRR?

This information is in the DRR USA owner's manual for each vehicle. Unleaded 87+ <pwa class="pwa-mark pwa-mark-done">Octane</pwa> is recommended.

What race series are my DRR USA vehicles approved for?

They are approved in the AMA, WORCS, NMA, GNCC series and any other race series.

What type of oil do you recommend for your Traditional ATVs?

Any good synthetic oil.

Recommended amount of oil for traditional ATVs.

100cc or 110cc

Do I have to use extra oil in the gas for the first two tank fulls?

Yes, 3 oz per gallon for the firt two tank fulls.

Should I remove the auto mix unit from my ATV?

No, not if you want to keep your warranty. Disabling the oil pump voids your warranty. If you choose to remove your oil pump you should run 32 to 1 ratio minimum. If you run a leaner oil ratio you will only add wear to your motor. A rear wheel dyno tested with 16 to 1 and 72 to 1 showed no change in horse power. How ever the 72 to 1 ratio engine showed considerable wear in a much shorter period of time.

How do I check if there is oil in the gear box?

You can check the splash stick after letting the unit run for a little while. If it is wet then there is oil. The amount of oil in the crank case is stamped next to the splash stick 100cc to 110cc.

How often should I clean the exhaust screen?

The exhaust screen is located in the muffler silencer. It should be cleaned every 30 days to avoid poor performance of the ATV.

How do I clean my spark arrestor?

How do I install a kick start spring?

DRR USA recommends that all vehicle maintenence on DRR ATVs is done by certified mechanics.

How do I assemble a chain tensioner?

DRR USA recommends that all maintenence done on DRR ATVs is done by certified mechanics.

General Information

How do I find out if there is a recall affecting my DRR USA product?

Recalls can be found using our Recall Information page. If the recall information page that your product is affected by a recall and you did not receive a recall notification letter, please visit an DRR USA dealer to complete the recall and to update your owner information.

Can I speak to a tech support department or engineer?

DRR USA Customer Support does not offer technical for our traditional ATVs. DRR USA relies on our DRR USA dealers to be your technical resource. Please the Find a Dealer feature to find an DRR USA dealer nearest you. DRR USA Technical Support does offer assistance with our electric ATVs. If you need assistance with an EV product, contact us at 330-220-3102 or info@drrusa.com.

Does DRR USA offer financing?

DRR USA <pwa class="pwa-mark pwa-mark-done">does offer</pwa> financing for consumers through Dealer Direct. For more information, visit our financing page. We do not offer financing for dealerships.

How do I stay up to date on events, future models, new releases, and more?

Subscribe to our email listing and visit www.DRRUSA.com for the most recent DRR News, events, releases, and more.

How can I purchase an owner's manual or service manual for my DRR USA product?

You can purchase a manual directly at https://www.drratvparts.com/

How do I find parts for my older DRR product?

DRR USA may no longer carry some parts for products produced prior to 2008. Parts may be aftermarket. Contact your local DRR USA dealer for assistance finding parts for your vehicle. You can locate your nearest dealer using the Find a Dealer tool.

How can I find a DRR USA Authorized Dealer?

You can use our Find a Dealer tool.

Can I purchase DRR USA products directly from DRR USA?

No, <pwa class="pwa-mark pwa-mark-done">DRR products can only be purchased</pwa> through an <pwa class="pwa-mark pwa-mark-done">Authorized</pwa> Dealer. All orders submitted online <pwa class="pwa-mark pwa-mark-done pwa-unused">are sent</pwa> to a DRR USA <pwa class="pwa-mark pwa-mark-done pwa-unused">Authorized</pwa> Dealer who will ship the item directly to you.

I purchased my DRR USA product and have not received my registration.

Please contact the dealer you purchased the product from for registration <pwa class="pwa-mark pwa-mark-done">assistance</pwa>. DRR USA is not responsible for vehicle registration.

Does DRR USA offer sponsorships?

No, but riders can join the Contingency Program and earn DRR Dollars towards parts for their ATV by posting pictures and video to social media.

Are DRR USA products Consumer Product Safety Compliant (CPSC)?

Yes. Please visit their site. We are listed as L&R Racing DBA DRR

I'm outside the U.S. can I purchase a DRR Product?

DRR USA's dealerships currently only ships within the U.S. and surrounding islands. If you are a business located outside the U.S. DRR USA contact us to see if our products are available in your area.

I have lost/misplaced the MSO.

Duplicate MSO requests can only be made through the original selling dealer. Your selling dealer must fill out the proper form and send it to DRR USA for further assistance. This service is available only to dealers. There is a $20.00 fee.

Dealers Information

How do I become a DRR USA authorized dealer?

You can apply to become a domestic or international dealer on our website.

Rider Safety

Does DRR USA offer safety gear with the purchase of their products?

Yes, DRR USA offers $50.00 towards safety gear with the purchase of all DRR products.

Where can I attend safety courses?

Safety courses are free online for all ATV riders and with the purchase of an ATV DRR USA will pay for in person safety classes. You can sign up for safety courses at https://atvsafety.org/

DRR USA Rider safety video:


What voids a warranty?

A vehicle, racing a vehicle, or having a vehicle shipped to your location voids all customer warranties. EV Vehicles drop shipped are an exception and may come with a warranty.

What does my warranty cover?

Your warranty covers the repair or replacement of any part which is defective in material or factory workmanship under normal use for the applicable warranty period. For further details please see your signed warranty.

Customer Support

How do I contact DRR USA customer support?

Visit the Contact Us page. DRR USA's business hours are Mon-Fri 10am-5pm EST.

I am interested in working at DRR USA, how do I apply?

Visit our Jobs and Internships page to view the available openings.

Sales, Marketing, and Promotions

What are DRR USA's current promotions or sales?

Contact your local DRR USA Authorized dealer for all promotions. Nationwide promotions on www.DRRUSA.com and wwwDRRParts.com.

How do I get a brochure regarding new DRR USA products?

Brochures are available online in PDF format for current models. You can view them online or visit your local DRR USA dealer for more information.


I placed an online order for a DRR USA product when will it arrive?

Some DRR USA products are made to order especially for you. Production time can take anywhere from 45-90 days. Once an order is placed, DRR USA will send a sales order and contact you when the product is ready to ship. If you purchased an ATV from a dealership, please contact the dealership for shipping times.

My vehicle was damaged in shipment, how do I make a claim?

You can make a claim by filling out the Shipping Claim form.

Dirt Bike

DB 50 Dirt Bike Parts

Parts for the DB 50 can be found at DRRParts.com If the parts you're looking for are unavailable. The DB 50 Senior is compatible with 2006-2006 air cooled KTM beta motor. The DB 50 Junior is compatible with the S-6 Franco Marini motor.

What is the recommended oil ratio for my dirt bike?

The recommended oil ratio is 32:1

Frequently Asked Questions