Social Media Program

Points System


Awards will be tracked monthly
•    5-9 posts a month earn $30
•    10-19 posts a month earn $40
•    20-30 posts a month earn $50

+ Monthly activities will be used for rider spotlight!


YouTube Video Requirements

2 videos accepted per month $20 per video

  • MUST be at least 5 minutes of great quality video.

  • MUST show a walk around of quad, then get on the DRR and ride.

  • MUST be safely riding a DRR, using a Stabilizer Camera mounted to the quad or helmet

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  1. Must ride a DRR USA unit

  2. Be safe, proper gear must be wore, ie. helmet, goggles gloves, etc. 

  3. Have a good time. Whether that’s with family, friends, on the track, or in your backyard. If you’re a kid, just make sure there’s an adult present.

  4. Sign up for Instagram. It’s easy! Already have an account? Awesome.

  5. All DRR Dollars must be redeemed by January 31st of your contract season.

  6. Take photos and videos at the track, on the trail, and/or with your family! As long as you’ve got your DRR with you. Share your #DRRLife on Instagram and tag @DRROffroad.