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Best Places To Ride ATVs: Hawaii Edition

Check out some of the best trails our team at DRR found!!

1. Sand Island OHV area

Located between the airport and the arts district in Honolulu, Sand Island park is an urban riders dream with tracks built for ATV and Bikes. This sand track has tight technical turns straights and mini jumps to satisfy any riding styles. There is also a rc track for the mini ATVS and a BMX track.

2. Kahuku Motocross Track

Kahuku Motocross Track is in the northern end of Oahu off of 83. There are miles of trails to keep you entertained all day. Ride on dirt through lush forests along the pacific ocean from the convenience of nearby society.

3. Upper Waiakea ATV and Dirt Bike Park

Located on the eastern side of the biggest island of Hawaii off of the Stainbeck Highway. 56 miles of trails runs you through dense forest in the heart of Hawaii's biggest national park. In the rainy season the park is full of mud if getting dirty is your idea of a good time. You will need a permit to ride here.

4. Puʻu Lāʻau Road

Another trail located on the big island of Hawaii, this trail is located north of Upper Waiakea off Saddle Road. A dirt and gravel road that passes by the historic Puʻu Lāʻau Ranger Cabin this is a popular area for bird watching. You will need a permit to ride here.

5. Mauna Kea Access Road (R-1)

Traveling further north on the big island of Hawaii is the volcano of Mauna Kea. Unpaved and wild these trails drive through the Mauna Kea Nature Reserve at 2,000-4,000 feet above sea level. These trails take you on the side of a volcano where you can see rock clusters known as “Lava Bombs'' which are fragments of lava that cool into rocks from the time they are thrown out to when they hit the ground. You will need a permit to ride here.

6. Skyline Road

This trail branches off from Mauna Kea and takes you over 10,000 feet above sea level. Native forest birds such as ʻamakihi (Hemignathus virens) and ʻelepaio (Chasiempis sandwichensis) and home to the endangered palila (Loxioides bailleui). The air can be thin and the hills are steep.

7. Wailua MX Track

In Hawaii’s northernmost inhabited island of Kauai there is a MX course on the south east corner. Looking over the Pacific Ocean Wailua has two tracks, One for skilled riders and another for young riders. There is a $25 dollar fee for non members and $5 for members.

8. Maui Raceway Park

While Famous for its Dragway located off of Maui Veterans Highway this MX track in the middle of Maui Island is a fun track for mx and ATV riders this park has a fee of $15 a person.

For these trails we recommend an EV Stealth or DRR EV Adventure. These electric quads are great for enjoying the nature of Hawaii without disturbing it.

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