DRR Guide to A-OK Contingency Photos and Videos

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

We appreciate all those who joined our Youth Contingency Program. We receive several photos a week and we’d like to be able to use all of them on our various social media platforms and websites. So here are some hints and tips for A-Ok contingency photos and videos that we will accept for parts credit.

Contingency Photo size

The larger the file/photo size, the better. Here at DRR, we use photos for brochures, social media posts, blog posts, websites, and various other media platforms. Often, we have to edit photos for those platforms. The ideal photo size for editing is 800×600 (that’s pixels) or more. For videos, 854×480 (480p) or above are the ideal sizes. 

Clear photos

Sometimes it’s difficult to get a clear photo when the object of it is moving. Unfortunately, a blurred photo sometimes will not receive credit. Setting the camera to take multiple photos in succession is a good way to alleviate that problem. Most smartphones have that feature. Then you can pick one that best represents the moment. Please send in a variety of photos.

Is that a DRR? I can’t tell…

The DRR and its Rider should be the subject of the contingency photos or video. We want to be able to tell who they are, what they’re riding, and see the amount of fun they’re having on the unit. If the Rider is too far from view, they may no longer be the object of the photo, they become part of the background. On the flipside, be careful about using the zoom on a smartphone, it often results in a blurry photo. Most of the time on an Iphone.

Instagram and other filters

While Instagram and other filters look cool on personal social media feeds, they make it difficult for us to edit photos or videos and often render them unusable.

Watermarks and Trademarks

Hope those photo and video tips help and remember, if you ever have questions about the Contingency program, how to submit your photos or videos, or what we will accept, you can contact us via Facebook PM at Facebook @DRROffroad

Dealer and Service

Warning: DRR off-road vehicles can be hazardous to operate and are not intended for on-road use. Driver must be the recommended age listed at this link and published with each ATV to drive. Passengers, if permitted, must be at least 12 years old. All riders should always wear helmets, eye protection, and protective clothing. Never engage in stunt driving, and avoid excessive speeds and sharp turns. Never ride under the influence of alcohol/drugs. All riders should take a safety training course. For safety course information contact your dealer or call (866) 847-4571. Always read the owner's manual before riding the ATV. All images and videos on this website were taken using highly skilled race sanctioned operators under controlled conditions. Vehicles in images may have been modified by a dealership for racing purposes. Images of prototypes were not vehicles meant for sale and may not contain all required features such as reflectors. 

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