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Gasoline Four-Wheeler and Dirt Bike Winter Storage

DRR USA ATVs Winter Storage

It’s always sad to say goodbye to your four-wheeler for an entire season, whether it’s the DRR 450, 600, 90, or 50, but it is important to take precautions before storing your vehicle.

Here are some hints and tips for storing an all-terrain vehicle during the winter months.

General tips for winter maintenance:

Wash the Quad.

Before storing it, make sure the vehicle is clean of mud, dirt, and debris from the racing season.

Oil it. 

To prevent rust and corrosion ensure there’s a thin layer of oil on the vehicle.

Put oil in the cylinder.

Remove the spark plug and mist the cylinder in oil. Continue to turn it until the cylinder walls are completely covered. This will prevent it from rusting.

Empty the carburetor. 

If your four-wheeler has a carburetor, drain the fuel out of it before storing.

Fill the gas tank.

If the gas tank is full, it won’t rust during the months of non-use. If the tank is plastic, a full tank will prevent condensation. Add fuel stabilizer to keep it in top condition.

ATV battery.

A battery may freeze over the course of winter, so it is important to store the ATV in a place with climate control. If there is no access to climate-controlled winter storage, it is sufficient to remove the battery from the ATV and charge it.

Fill the antifreeze.

If climate-controlled winter storage is unavailable, fill the antifreeze to the top. This will help to protect the ATV.

If it is a 2-stroke quad:

Remove the exhaust.

Be sure to clean out the oil inside of the exhaust to keep it from rusting. When the four-wheeler starts up, it will pull in air from the exhaust which causes corrosion. Make sure you do this in order to reduce rust and to prevent additional damage to your ATV.

Choosing a winter storage facility:

Ask about size.

Every four-wheeler is different in dimensions and size.

Check with the chosen storage facility to make sure it can hold your ATV.

Compare prices.

There are a variety of different storage facilities. Some might offer a discount for long-term storage. Be sure to compare and contrast to receive the best value deal.