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How to Become a DRR USA Dealer

So you want to become a dealer but don’t know where to start? Well, we’ve got all the answers right here.

Here at DRR USA, we are looking for dealers that share our values: family/friends, action, care, enthusiasm, and safety.

Who we are

DRR USA is headquartered in Ohio and was started by a family that was seeking to make ATVs safer, particularly younger riders. Founded by a family, and still proudly run by a family after 21 years. It all started with an ATV accident with the DeCuzzi family’s youngest son. At the time, children’s ATVs generally did not have proper safety features. They were too narrow and often tipped over. To solve the safety issues, we decided to take action and develop an ATV we thought would keep our family safe while we enjoyed our favorite hobby. The result was a wider ATV with slip-resistant seats, a safety tether, brake lights, daytime running lights, and fully enclosed floorboards. It is our enthusiasm and love for this hobby that drove us to create products that show how much we care for the safety of our family as well as the safety of your families.

As our business is growing, we are looking for people to grow with us. Over the years, we have expanded from manufacturing youth ATVs, to adult ATVs, and now are among the first to manufacture completely electric ATVs. We pride ourselves on our ability to create innovative and quality products to suit the fast pace and changing market.

Our move to electric ATVs is part of our mission: to develop unique, quality ATVs and UTVs that improve the consumer experience while providing solutions to support a greener earth.

The DRR USA electric ATVs were inspired by Kim DeCuzzi, after following a search and rescue case about a missing child. ATVs were used to search for the child, Kim said the case stuck with her because the child had autism, and people with autism are often sensitive and frightened by loud noise. Kim said, “When the case closed, we contacted the police department involved to get their perspective on the search. Learning the sad outcome from that case encouraged us to further our electric ATV development."

It was this moment that drove the DeCuzzi family to create an ATV that was completely silent by replacing a diesel engine with an electric motor. There were many challenges that came with developing an electric ATV, the biggest was creating a motor and battery that would hold its charge and offer the same power as a traditional ATV. After much trial and error, we have created an electric ATV that can rival any diesel ATV at a competitive price!

Our products

Our product line truly has something for everyone. Our gas powered ATVs include two different mini ATVs: the DRX 50 which is for ages 6+, and the DRX 90 which is for ages 12+. Additionally, we have two gas ATVs made for adults; the 450 XC which was designed specifically for performance, and the 600 UT which was designed for utility.

Our electric ATV line includes: the Stealth, which was designed for search and rescue or eco tours, the Adventure, which was created for farming, trail riding, and hauling, and the Safari, which is the most powerful of our E-ATVs and was designed for snow plowing, rough terrain, and hauling.

For more information on our products such as prices and specifications, visit our pages for our gas ATVs and our electric ATVs.

Who we're looking for

We value our dealers and want to work with you to ensure that you understand our company and our products. We offer tools and resources to our dealers so they always have the latest information on our available products. We are passionate about what we do and look forward to meeting and working with people that share our love of ATVs.

Our customers have over 99 National Championships in TT, motocross, flat-track, and cross country racing. We are proud of our history which has lead us to branch out into the adult ATV and electric ATV market, while still offering our family adventure, lifetime memories and passion for the outdoors.

We want to partner with dealers that will emulate our core values and share our love for off roading. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, visit our dealer page and fill out the application. There are separate applications for domestic and international dealers.

If you have any questions, feel free to visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you, until then, happy trails from DRR USA.

To become a DRR authorized domestic dealer, we will require:

  • A copy of your state-issued business license

  • A photo of the exterior of your business

  • A photo of the interior of your business (we require a showroom)

  • A 6-unit buy-in, mix and match

  • A parts order of $1,500

  • A list of your website and social media pages

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