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Electric ATV's and Hunting

Hunting With Electric ATV's
Electric ATV's and Hunting

When going out on a hunt for the beautiful big buck or maybe even that huge black bear, what could be better than traveling on an electric ATV? Here are some reasons why hunting with an electric ATV cannot only help you cover more ground faster but is useful in making your next hunt a success!

Electric ATVs have been around a while but here at DRR, we have produced a variety of electric ATVs that are not only affordable but durable and suits your hunting needs! Below is a list of the electric ORVs we offer with details.

EV Adventure

This electric ATV has up to a 50-mile range and comes with a 2” ball hitch, has an effective 5kW motor made to increase the ATVs incline climbing power. This electric four-wheeler boasts a smooth chassis that glides over debris. Environmentally friendly, with a completely silent motor, the EV Adventure electric ATV is the perfect tool to experience the outdoors and capture light game.

EV Safari 4x4

This electric ATV that completes our electric ATV Family has a 35-mile range, has a powerful 7.5 kW electric motor designed to tackle the tougher side of the outdoors. Going off the beaten trail? Hunting or fishing? The completely silent motor of this all-electric ATV with 2wd,4wd, and 4wL will take you where you need to go. This ATV would be perfect hunting light or heavy game.

EV Pathfinder

This all-electric UTV has a powerful motor to get you through rough terrain or thick mud. The completely silent motor will take you silently through the woods to make minimal noise. It has a dump bed and tow hook and 10 inches of ground clearance. This vehicle has a driving range of 50 miles, reaches speeds up to 25mph, and has electric power steering. The Pathfinder is the way to go when going on the hunt for the big game.

These ORVs are a good choice not only because they are silent but they do not put out any harmful emissions so you won't disturb the wildlife and get the gas smell you would from gas ORVs. They are a lot cheaper than gas when it comes to maintenance. When you are hunting you want to make the least amount of noise possible! What better way to show up to your next hunt than on a quiet ATV that has the power to get you in and out of the woods efficiently? They come equipped with daytime running lights, high beams, and brake lights. These ORVs have the capability to haul your guns safely and haul your hunting gear with no worries!

To make sure your next hunt is not only a successful one but also a safe one, please follow some of these helpful tips:

- Please be respectful of the land and remember there are other animals besides the game hunted.

- Ride ATVs on designated trails to prevent habitat destruction.

- Respect other hunts and plan your drive accordingly.

- When retrieving large game, do so during the day to avoid problems with other hunters.

- Be responsible and trustworthy. Don't fire from an ORV, and only hunt in places that are permitted.

- Never use your ORV to pursue wildlife; doing so is against the law and reckless.

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