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Rider Showcase: Kenny Phillips

November 2017 Rider Showcase Kenny Phillips
Picture taken by Garrett Hamilton

DRR USA wants to congratulate Kenny Phillips from Wallkill, New York. He was selected as the first-ever Hall of Fame Rider! He has been racing ATVs for the past eight years and placed 1st in 11 races and 2nd in nine races, among many other top ten finishes.

We asked Kenny a few questions about his racing experience. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: What DRR USA ATV did you ride?

K: My first quad was a Sunl, which was not made for racing, but I begged to race. Once we raced a few times and I knew I wanted to continue, my parents bought me a new 50cc DRR!

Q: What are a few accomplishments that you are proud of from your racing career?

K: The accomplishment that I am most proud of is winning the 70cc Championship in the New East Extreme Dirt Track National Series with my 70cc DRR. I am also very proud of taking the podium on my 70cc DRR in the 90cc class and the supermini class. Another accomplishment is winning the 50cc championship in 2012 with my DRR. We have had a great run together!

November 2017 Rider Showcase Kenny Phillips
Picture taken by Garrett Hamilton

Q: What is your best memory of riding ATVs in general?

K: When I first started racing, my very first race, I drove straight to the top of the track, went very slowly around, and waved to the crowd each time I drove past the grandstands. I stopped doing that, of course, but everyone laughs when I tell that story.

Q: Do you have any advice for current young riders?

K: Never get frustrated on the track. Stay calm and you can focus more on how you are riding, instead of winning or where you will place. The calmer you are, the better you will ride. You never want to be reckless or cause an accident. Most of all – always have fun!

Congratulations on a great racing career so far, Kenny!

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