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Places To Ride In Nebraska

Whether you’re traveling to this state to grab a famous Reuben sandwich or going to check out the endless miles of beautiful river, be sure to also check out a few of the riding trails! This state only offers a few riding trails that are open to the public but they do have some privately owned establishments that require membership or fees. Below are a few that we found that are open to the public.

Places To Trail Ride In Nebraska
Trails In Nebraska

1. Bessey OHV Trail System

There are a lot of public Nebraska trails in Bessey. The paths comprise about 36 miles in length. Some are found in the forest, while others are surrounded by meadows. The routes are extremely sandy when it comes to the terrain. Even if you're on a long, straight course, expect some severe turns as you progress. Just keep in mind that only smaller ATVs are permitted in the area, namely those with a width of less than 64 inches. Side-by-side cars can also be employed if the proportions are correct. If you're looking to rent an ATV, this isn't the place to go. There are no rentals available in this trail system. It can be noisy and congested in this region because it is technically for most off-highway vehicles (OHVs). For more information, Click here.

2. Dismal River Trail

Although the distance is just about 11 miles, many ATV riders will like the sandy terrain, which is smooth enough for more experienced riders. It's great for intermediate riders, but novices and pros can use it as well. Expect muddy areas and elevation changes. That's why, in addition to ATVs, vehicles like SxS, 4WDs, and motorbikes can be used. This trail is also really convenient to use. In the Bessey Family Campground, it's close to important amenities including picnic spaces and hot showers. The Whitetail Campground, which lies closer to the Dismal River, is also accessible. The Whitetail Campground, on the other hand, offers less amenities, thus the Bessey Family Campground is preferable. Don't forget to bring some cash with you because you'll have to pay for a few extras. For more info, click here.

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