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Places To Ride In Nevada

This state is known for lots of gambling and hitting of nightlife. If that’s not your thing and trail riding is, you’re in luck! This state has five awesome off-road trails to go riding on. Below are a couple of the places we found.

Trails In Nevada
ATV Trails In Nevada

Amargosa Big Dune

This 3,200-acre path is located near Amargosa, Nevada. It will accommodate all ability levels, whether you are a beginner or an accomplished rider. Make sure you have a good-suspension off-road car with you. For the greatest experience, sand tires are suggested. It is permissible to camp in a dispersed manner. Click here for more information.

Logandale Trail System

The Logandale Trail System, located northeast of Las Vegas and north of Overton near Logandale, has almost 200 miles of ATV tracks. Dirt, sand, and rock paths wind through red rock gorges along Valley of Fire State Park's picturesque eastern edge. Click here for more information.

Whitney Pockets

For some of the Native Americans who lived here before the first immigrants arrived, this was a treasured location. This location is quite peculiar; it is relatively flat, with enormous, unusually shaped boulders protruding from the ground. About 25 miles south of Mesquite, Nevada, lies Whitney Pockets. This is a fantastic ride on Nevada ATV trails. The road is oiled until you reach Whitney Pockets, after which it becomes a gravel road. To get to Whitney Pockets, take Highway 170 (Riverside Road) southwest and exit at Riverside. Take the Gold Butte Rd. (the oiled road on the south side of the bridge) and head south for about 18 miles. Click here for more info.

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