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Why ATV Racing is a Positive Influence

  1. Racing reinforces the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle – A majority of ATV racing happens outside, allowing children to get away or at least a break from less healthy activities, like watching television. ATV racing also encourages a physical effort, as it is a physically demanding sport.

  2. Racing emphasizes the importance of safety equipment and precautions – ATV racing can be a dangerous sport. It is extremely important to have the right safety equipment and follow the correct safety precautions. This will teach them to be safe in other aspects of their life as well.

  3. Racing teaches children the value of practice – From the first time a child sits on an ATV to their 100th race, there is always room for improvement. This is done through a lot of practice. It feels good to participate in races, but you can’t do that without skill. ATV racing teaches children the importance of practicing to reach higher levels of achievement.

  4. Racing creates friendships – ATV racing is growing in popularity and is a sport for kids of all ages and skill level. Even though more people are getting involved in the racing scene, it’s still a smaller community than other sports. It’s likely that children will bond quicker because there are not as many other children who share the same interest. It also takes up a lot of time and traveling with the same people.

  5. Racing reinforces the importance of taking safety seriously – ATV racing is a fast-paced sport that can be dangerous if the proper steps are not taken. Children will learn very quickly that if they do not take safety seriously while riding, their racing career can end very quickly. Practicing safe driving on an ATV will also teach them how to practice safety through other avenues.

  6. Racing teaches important driving skills – While it’s clear driving a car and driving an ATV are very different, there are several interchangeable skills. For example, children will learn how to gage speed, avoid obstacles, and learn how to ride next to others in close proximity.

  7. Racing teaches the significance of regular maintenance – Things break. It’s a part of life. That rings even more true for ATVs. They see a lot of action and need continuous upkeep, whether it’s replacing and cleaning parts, or making sure it’s stored properly for winter. Having their own ATV to take care of teaches children the importance of making sure it’s in working condition – which will carry on to bigger vehicles, like cars, later in life.

  8. Racing strengthens parent-child relationships – As you can see in the picture above, a big part of racing is support. It’s a big deal to compete, especially when first starting out, and cheering on your child is extremely necessary. ATV racing can also be a time-consuming sport, demanding dedication from both the parent and the child. Lifelong memories.

  9. Racing helps children understand the significance of team effort – Racers can’t be successful on their own. It takes a team of people, from parents to friends to riding coaches, to keep the racer going. Because of this, it teaches children the importance of a combined effort.

  10. Racing teaches the value of community – ATV communities are very tight. They are constantly traveling together to bigger races or practicing at the same arena. Children who race understand what it means to be part of something – and something great at that. They will find support from people and places they never knew existed and will offer their own too.

  11. Racing provides organizational and preparation skills – DRR USA believes this is the most important factor to success and enjoyment. Racing forces children and families to follow a checklist before getting on a quad or taking it to the track. You must inspect your ATV from head to toe to ensure everything is ready and there are no surprises during the race. This way, when you get to the track, you can concentrate on what you want to do. People who are not prepared have a lesser chance for success

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