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Why Go Electric?

So you’re thinking of going electric, but you want some more information. Maybe you’ve been using a traditional ATV for years and are wondering just how different an electric ATV would be. First, let’s cover some of the broad differences between electric and traditional ATVs.

EV Safari 4X4

Silent Engine

Electric ATVs, also called e-ATVs, are completely silent, making a ride out in the wilderness a lot more immersive. With an electric ATV, you are free to explore without the distraction of a noisy engine. Not to mention the added benefits for hunters or photographers being able to use an ATV without adding noise to scare off wildlife.

Our electric ATVs were designed with search and rescue in mind. Some people are sensitive to noise, and in emergency situations, limiting those unnecessary noises can be critical in providing quick and safe transport.

Zero Carbon Emissions

Going electric is going green. Meaning, you can experience nature in a new way without polluting the world around you. Traditional ATVs produce carbon dioxide emissions while driving, which contributes to the rising amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Electric ATVs do not produce any direct CO2 into the environment when used. With an electric ATV, you can make your carbon footprint smaller and help preserve our environment.

Battery Powered

With electric ATVs, you can ditch the fuel and switch to batteries. Our ATVs can travel different distances depending on which model you choose. The Stealth and Safari 2X4 can travel 35 miles before a recharge is needed. However, the Safari 4X4 can travel either 50, 100, or 150 miles before a recharge, depending on the model. Say you choose the Stealth or Safari 2X4. Each additional battery can travel 35 to 150 miles depending on the pack. With an electric ATV, you have more customizable options for taking trips. If you tend to take longer trips, you have that ability by bringing extra batteries with you.

Differences in our electric ATVs

Here at DRR USA, we have three different adult electric ATV models in development: Stealth E-ATV, EV Safari 2×4, and the EV Safari 4×4. All three of these models have the features listed above, they have the same dimensions, have removable and exchangeable battery packs, and are customizable, but have some differences when it comes to specifications and performance. First, let’s look at the Stealth.

Stealth Electric ATV

This is the first e-ATV DRR developed. It is designed primarily for search and rescue, tours, farming, and small inclines. It has one 4kW motor. It can travel 35 miles before it needs to be recharged and can currently go 35mph. Something to keep in mind is that these e-ATVs are still in development, specifications might change over time as we learn more about producing electric ATVs.

EV Safari 2×4 Electric ATV

Like the Stealth, this adult electric ATV can travel 35 miles before needing a recharge and can travel 35 mph. The main difference between this ATV and the stealth is in the motor. The Safari 2×4 has a 5 kW motor rather than a 4 kW. This makes it more viable in taking on steeper inclines.

EV Safari 4×4 Electric ATV

This is the most powerful electric ATV DRR has in development. This ATV can travel 50, 100, or 150 miles before needing a recharge depending on the battery you choose. It can go 40 mph and has a 7.5 kW motor. More specifications will be available soon. The Safari 4×4 is anticipated to be released in the spring of 2020.

Hopefully, after reading this you have a better understanding of electric ATVs. If you have any other questions email us at you can pre-order the EV Safari 2×4 and 4×4 at