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Dealer Repair Consultation

Aid for DRR Authorized Dealers to help identify and fix issues with any DRR unit(s).

  • 1 h
  • Online Session

Service Description

Need assistance with a repair on one of our DRR vehicles? One of our Team Members can assist your dealership.

Cancellation Policy

By booking this event, you acknowledge that you read, agree, and accept our terms and policies which are subject to changes at any time for any reason. Booking this appointment does not guarantee a resolution to your issues. There are no refunds. Some work may require you to void your warranty. Seeing as DRR is not the one doing the physical labor, you acknowledge and accept that you will void your warranty for said work (even if advised to do so). By working on or having work done to your unit(s) that a DRR personnel did not physically do, you acknowledge that DRR will no longer uphold your warranty and you will be responsible to pay for all damages, labor, and parts required to fix your unit(s). For safety purposes, you are required and it is your responsibility to take appropriate safety measures and wear proper gear/clothing to ensure your safety. This includes but is not limited to wearing safety glasses, insulated gloves, and a mask. DRR is not responsible for any injuries or damages that may occur to you, the vehicle, or anything/anyone else. Working with ATVs, UTVs, and motorcycles are inherently dangerous. If you get hurt, you acknowledge that DRR USA and its associated businesses are not at fault and you are. You are responsible for any damages you cause, including but not limited to people, property, and/or units. Being responsible for includes but is not limited to any charges, fees, and/or repairs that may occur. This includes legal fees that DRR USA or its associated business any incur. By booking this event you also acknowledge that you read, agree, and accept all other terms and policies that are associated with or could apply. You can find some policies and terms that are also subject to change at any time for any reason at:

Contact Details

(330) 220-3102

1261 Industrial Parkway North, Brunswick, OH, USA By appointment only

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