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Vehicle Issue Report

About Vehicle Issue Reports

All warranty claims must be submitted by the dealer. If you would like to help your dealer get started in the claims process, you may submit the following items below. The dealer is responsible for the entire warranty process.

All of the following information is required to submit a claim:


  • 4 photos of the complete vehicle. Left side, right side, front, and rear from at least 10ft back in its present condition (before repairs).

  • Pictures of the issue must be taken as follows:

    • The complete vehicle, along with the issue.

    • A closer image of the issue.

    • A close-up of the issue.

    • Pictures must be taken in a way that allows us to determine if the issue is present, the images are current, and the vehicle is in the shop.

  • A scanned copy of the dealership work order.

  • A photo of the completed vehicle warranty paperwork

  • DRR USA, Inc. provides warranty coverage for new DRR® products originally sold and delivered by DRR USA Authorized Dealers located within the United States. DRR® products purchased from retailers other than a DRR USA Authorized Dealer's physical location (via the Internet or otherwise) will NOT be covered by DRR USA's warranties and U.S. dealers will not repair such products under warranty. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will not be considered. Vehicle pictures must be of the vehicle in current condition and in the dealer's service center. Pictures taken at delivery or prior to delivery will not be accepted, and the claim will be denied.

Owner Information

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