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10 Best Places to Ride ATVs: PA Edition

If you’re living in PA and looking for new places to go off roading, we’ve put together a list (in no particular order) of some of the best places that are worth the trip.

This off-road trail is made up of 14 miles in Delaware National Forest. It is just across from the Pocono raceway and features a scenic view of the Pocono mountains. The terrain is often muddy and has plenty of potholes and ditches, which makes it not very beginner friendly. But it is a great spot for experienced riders looking for a challenge.

This outdoor park has thousands of acres featuring a diverse set of terrain including: mountains, obstacles, meadows, trails, hills, flat grounds, and more. It’s diverse terrain makes it a welcoming place for both new and seasoned riders.

This ATV park has 2,000 acres for off roading. With trails labeled Mild to Wild, Scenic Ridges, Rock Crawls, Mud Runs and Meandering Lazy Trails, there’s something for everyone at Lost Trails. There are also three separate youth riding areas ranging from Mini-Moto: 1/4 mile track with mini jumps and banked turns, and a Pee-Wee Track: 1/4 mile trail circuit with swooping turn and hill climb. There is also the Boneyard which is open to both children and adults. This is a mini ATV park with several easier trails of about 5 miles through the wooded countryside, as well as a few mud bogs and other obstacles along the way.

These trails are located along State Route 66 about fifteen miles southwest of Kane, PA and eleven miles northeast of Marienville, PA. Marienville features over 75 miles of trails through the Allegheny National Forest. There are three different trails to choose from, ranging from friendly to experienced. There is a trail map available here.

AOAA has a spider web network of hundreds of miles worth of ATV trails. AOAA also has trails specifically for dirt biking and full sized vehicles. You will find trails for riders of all levels of experience at AOAA.

With over 40 miles of trails, Majestic Trails has everything ranging from easy, interactive, to expert. They’ve even got a whole mud area and over 20 miles of separate dirt bike tracks. Additionally, Majestic Trails has three different motocross tracks, including a peewee track and a track with jumps and tabletops.

The most unique thing about Mines and Meadows is the abandoned limestone mines that offer a one-of-a-kind underground riding experience. The mines are 250 feet beneath the earth and the trails weave around a 3-acre underground lake. The surface trails cover everything from beginner to experts. With over 80 miles of trail on 875+ acres of land, Mines and Meadows is sure to keep you busy.

Tucked away in the Delaware State Forest, Maple Run Tract offers 8 miles of hard packed ATV trails with light elevations. It is a great place for new riders. Maple Run Tract is free to ride and is near a campground and a lake with kayak and canoe rentals.

Located at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains and the only national forest in PA, Allegheny has 5 different off-road trails adding up to over a hundred miles. There are trails for riders of all experience levels.

With 16 separate TV trails adding up to over 140 miles all ranging from easy to hard and 40 miles of kiddie track, there is something for everyone at Mountain Ridge ATV Park. Camping is also available onsite. Mountain Ridge offers hill climbs, mud bogs, and occasionally night rides.

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