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10 Best Places to Ride ATVs: Michigan Edition

Thanks for joining us as we continue our travel guides! This time we'll cover Michigan. Whether you're local to the area and looking for new places to try or you are looking for a new ATV travel destination, there is something for everyone here. Please note this list is in no particular order.

Bundy Hill is spread across 300 acres of wooded trails, mud pits, hill climbs, and rock challenges. There are trails for various different skill levels, which makes this a great place for experienced riders and new riders. Service roads (yellow on the map) are for new riders. On those roads riders will get to see how their unit handles in different types of terrain. They also have a new dirt track for kids, dirt bikes and quads. There is camping on site for those looking to make a trip out of their stay.


Ogemaw Sports and Trail Center is a family-oriented Motocross campground. There are courses for riders of all ages and skill levels. There are hill climbs, obstacle courses, and a peewee track.

This forest covers nearly one million acres and is between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. There are plenty of places to camp nearby and about a dozen trails that are marked off for off roading.

This is a brand-new off-road park set to open in September of 2020. The park is open to all kinds of off-road vehicles and plans on opening with over a hundred acres of off-road trails with plans to grow to over 200 acres within the next couple years.

Silver lake has nearly 2,000 acres of sand dunes as well as a 450-acre ORV scramble area. This is a great place for those looking to try out a different style of off roading. There are plenty of places to camp near the area as well.

St. Helen features 50 miles of trails as well as 6 obstacle courses and multiple hill climbs. This popular off-road area is open year-round and has various options for lodging in the area.

Here you will find over 200 miles of ORV trails that are open year round. The upper peninsula has three main trails that range from 34 to 49 miles long. This area also had great options for lodging and other outdoor activities.

Tin Cup is two main trails, one for motorcycles and the other for off road vehicles. The off-road track is 18 miles long and is made up of hard packed smooth dirt that winds through the forest. There is a campsite nearby to allow for overnight parking and there is no fee to ride. This trail is also open year-round.

As revealed in the title, this place is located on Ambrose Lake and has access to 9 miles of ATV trails. Ambrose Lake also features boating and fishing access, and the ATV trails connect to the Michigan Cross Country cycle trail.

10. Cedar Creek Trail

This trail is 24 miles long and features 2 bridge crossings. The terrain is mainly flat, which makes it a great place for new riders. There is no fee to ride or park and the trail is open year-round. If you are near the area this place is worth checking out.

That wraps up our Michigan travel guide. Let us know your favorite places to ride or what area you would like to see us review next. General disclaimer, be sure to call before you haul and make sure wherever you plan on riding is open and available.

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