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How to Adapt your Tour Business

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to the global tourism industry, forcing many businesses to shutter their doors temporarily or permanently. An outdoor adventure park faced potential devastation as international travel ground to a halt. This case study explores how the park not only survived but also thrived during these challenging times by pivoting to a sustainable, electric ATV attraction. This strategic move not only differentiated them from competitors but also improved their profit margins significantly, proving that innovation and sustainability could be the keys to resilience in the face of global crises.

Eco-tourism riding.

The tourism industry was one of the hardest-hit sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic, with international tourist arrivals dropping drastically. Many businesses struggled to survive amid lockdowns and travel restrictions. Located in a tourist-dependent region, one park quickly realized that adapting their business model was essential for survival. This blog post examines the strategic decision to incorporate electric ATVs into their offerings, focusing on sustainability, cost-efficiency, and the unique market appeal of eco-friendly tourism.

The Challenge

With the onset of the pandemic, the park faced a significant decline in visitors, threatening its financial stability and future. The challenge was twofold: firstly, to find a way to attract local and domestic tourists in the absence of international travelers, and secondly, to ensure the attraction was financially viable in terms of both initial investment and ongoing operational costs.

The Solution

The park responded to this challenge by introducing our DRR electric ATVs as a new attraction. This decision was based on several key factors:

  • Environmental Appeal: Electric ATVs offered an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles, aligning with growing consumer demand for sustainable tourism experiences.

  • Operational Efficiency: Electric ATVs have lower operational costs, with no gasoline required and less maintenance, leading to better profit margins.

  • Health and Safety: In the context of COVID-19, the electric ATVs could be easily sanitized between uses, and their quiet operation allowed for better communication among participants, enhancing safety protocols.

DRR eco-tour group fleet.

The park strategically marketed the new electric ATV experience to domestic tourists, emphasizing the adventure's eco-friendly nature and the safety measures in place to protect against COVID-19.

To ensure a seamless introduction of the electric ATVs, the park:

  • Partnered with us, a leading electric ATV manufacturer to ensure the availability of high-quality, reliable vehicles.

  • Trained staff extensively on the operation, maintenance, and cleaning protocols of the DRR electric ATVs.

  • Developed new trails designed to showcase the natural beauty of the area, further enhancing the appeal of the electric ATV experience.


The introduction of DRR EV ATV's proved to be a resounding success for the adventure park.

  • Increased Attendance: The attraction drew a significant number of domestic tourists, filling the void left by international travelers.

  • Improved Margins: The lower operational and maintenance costs of electric ATVs, combined with their higher rental price point due to their unique appeal, resulted in significantly improved profit margins.

  • Brand Differentiation: By being one of the first in the region to offer an eco-friendly electric ATV experience, the tour group established itself as an innovative leader in sustainable tourism.

  • Environmental Impact: The switch to EV ATVs contributed to a reduction in CO2 emissions, reinforcing the park's commitment to environmental stewardship.


The adventure park's strategic pivot to offering electric ATV adventures during the COVID-19 pandemic is a testament to the power of innovation and sustainability in overcoming business challenges. This case study demonstrates that with the right approach, businesses can turn crises into opportunities, benefiting not only their bottom line but also the environment. The tour group not only survived the pandemic but set a new standard for the tourism industry's future, proving that sustainability and profitability could go hand in hand.

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