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Best Places to ride ATVs: Utah Edition

Picture of Arches National Park with the title "Utah Riding Spots"
Utah ATV Riding Places

1. Arapeen OHV System

Two hours from Salt Lake City is Arapeen OHV Trails. There are over 600 miles of trails that connect different towns in the area. Make sure to stop at Joe’s valley reservoir.

Click here for more information.

2. Black Dragon ATV Trail

In the San Rafael Swell in the Shadow of South Horn Mountain is the Black Dragon ATV Trail. A trail with varying degrees of difficulty can be a test for newer riders. Make sure to check out the pictographs left by the native Indians 100s of years ago.

3. Spanish Fork Ranger District

In Spanish Fork near Lake Utah is The Spanish Fork Ranger District. This is a series of trails that take you through the forests and hills of central Utah. You can visit the Fifth Water Hot Springs. There's camping at Diamond Campground which is central to most of the trails in the area. Learn more here.

4. Dome Plateau

Dome Plateau is just east of Arches National Park. Dome Plateau has a short loop that consists of hard-packed dirt and is good for newer riders. There is plenty to see in just a short driving distance from the area including the Ghost Town of Cisco and The Delicate Arch. The entrance is just across the Dewey Bridge that crosses the Colorado River.

5. Ticaboo Lodge Trails

In southern Utah just south of Mt. Ellsworth is Ticaboo Lodge, a resort with 100s of miles of trails. They have on-site rentals so even if you don't own an ATV you can rent and ride one. There are rooms on-site or nearby camping with RV hookups.

Visit the Ticaboo website to learn more.

6. San Juan River Trail

This trail lies in the South-East corner of Utah is the San Juan River. 10 miles of trail follows the San Juan River and along Rt. 163. There is an abandoned ranch and trade post within walking distance as well as petroglyphs. Also, make sure to check out the River House Ruins, an ancient Pueblo settlement carved into the cliffs. Learn more here.

7. Casto Canyon

In the Dixie National Forest by the city of Panguitch is Cato Canyon. This trail rides through the painted rocky landscape of southern Utah making this trail very scenic. You can access Barney Cove from here. To learn more visit here.

8. Hook and Ladder

In Dry Valley is Hook and Ladder OHV Trails. There are 40 miles of rated loops that lead to beautiful views such as Wilson's Arch. There is primitive camping on site. Check it out here.

9. Paiute Trail System

Just west of Castro Canyon is Paiute Trails. Paiute has a wide variety of trails from deserts to densely packed forests. There is access to three different mountain ranges and the trails interconnect so you can change your mind at any time. The towns nearby are ATV friendly. Visit the website for more information.

10. Poison Spider Mesa

Along the Colorado River outside of Moab is the Poison Spider Mesa trail. This trail is more advanced due to cliffs and sharp switchbacks. You can see Little Jeep Arch from the top. Stop by the website to learn more.

For most of these trails, we recommend the DRR EV Adventure. A 50-mile battery and top speeds of up to 40 mph can take you through Utah’s best trails. You can explore the beauty of and history of Utah. You can enjoy nature without disturbing it.

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