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Best Places to ride ATVs: Virginia Edition

Coopers Rock VA
Coopers Rock

Virginia is the home to several founding fathers like George Washington, James Madison, and most famously, John Blair. Despite the founding fathers not knowing how to ride an ATV Virginia is now home to dozens of great trails and play areas. Below are some of the best places to ride in Virginia.

1. Big Boys Playground

North of Harrisonburg is Big Boys Playground. BBP has many features for all kinds of off-road vehicles including 4x4 trails and mud pits. One mud pit that is infamous is called the “hell-hole”. There's plenty of trails for riding. BBP has something for every skill level. Learn more here.

2. Elkhorn Lake and Campground

30 miles north of Danville is Elkhorn. Located on Elkhorn Lake which is named for its shape, the camp has 30 miles of trails through dense forest and over water. There is also swimming, fishing and hunting in the park. Camping is permitted but there are no connections for RVs. Visit the website to learn more.

3. Jibtopia Wake Park

Technically in North Carolina but only two miles from the border and only 20 miles from Danville a. Jibtopia have 12 miles of designated ATV trails. Jibtopia has a lot of other things to do. It is known for wakeboarding and also has horseback riding and a full bar and grill on-site. There tent and RV sites as well as cabin rentals. Jibtopia Wake Park: Home

4. Kairos Resort

Kairos on the border of West Virginia and regular Virginia has over 1,500 acres of Appalachian forest. Explore over 40 miles of trails. They also have horseback riding, fishing, swimming, and hiking. They have RV hookups, camping and yurts. Visit the Kairos Resort website for more information.

5. Moto Cove

Just 75 miles from Reston and Frederick is Moto Cove. Moto Cove has 60 miles split into four separate loops. There are challenges for skilled riders and a beginner-friendly quad trail. The challenges range from steep climbs to loose gravel and muddy crossings. The Cove Campground to learn more.

6. Rocky Run

Rocky Run consists of 10 miles of trails on the hills outside of Harrisonburg. This trail is open to all vehicles so watch out for 4x4s. There is an easier portion and a more challenging section from Second Mountain to Dictum Ridge. There are no camp hookups if you're looking to stay. Learn more here .

7. Mountain View Trails Spearhead

118 miles of trails designed for quads and side by sides in Wise County. You can start between St. Paul or Coeburn. There are abundant green and blue rated trails as well as more advanced trails for the most skilled riders. Visit the Mountain View website to learn more.

8. Pocahontas Trail System Spearhead

The OP has two trailheads that provide users with unique food and lodging on each side. One trailhead is located in the town of Pocahontas and the other outside of Boissevain This is a twisting trail with many scenic viewpoints leading through “deep forest” Click here to learn more.

9. Slade’s Park

Just across the bay from Newport News VA is Slade's Park. With 12 miles of marked trails on 300 acres, there is a lot of variety from sand, to dirt trails and mud pits. Slade’s Park has RV hookups and weekend concessions. Learn more here.

10. Coal Canyon/ Ridge View Trails Spearhead

Coal Canyon has 127 miles of trail over 5,600 acres with balanced skill levels in the trail designs. Riders will find open canyons that descend into patches of woods and fields where elk and other wildlife live in their natural habitat. This is a bonus because Coal Canyon now connects directly to Ridgeview Trails. Ridgeview has 75 miles of beginner friendly trails. Learn more about Coal Canyon and Ridgeview.

For these trails, I would recommend the DRR EV Adventure. With a 50 mile battery and a top speed of 40 mph, you will be able to explore the forests and meadows of Virginia.

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