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This past weekend the Social Media Team at DRR took to the road again to travel seven and a half hours to New Berlin, New York for the Unadilla MX Nationals. With perfect weather and even better racing, our team had a BLAST.

After driving through the night, we pulled into the gorgeous Unadilla MX property at 8 AM. Just in time to watch practice and set up our equipment. We saw so many DRR’s just on the first starting gate!

DRR USA ATVs at Unadilla MX nationals in New York

With only three stops remaining in the ATVMX National Championship series, the competition was heightened as the riders tried to get as many points as they could in the last 6 motos of the season. The races were far from boring, with a lot of heated competition. It was a tough track layout for the minis.

Saturday was a SUPER long day with no sleep.

The weather however was fantastic and we took a ton of great pictures and videos that we can’t wait to share.

While at Unadilla MX Nationals, our team walked around and met so many amazing families. We knew how big our DRR family was, but we never expected the amount of hard work, dedication and passion that was presented to us this weekend by ours riders and their families.

We would like to congratulate ALL of the DRR’s on their excellent performance this weekend including Cash Jackson that placed 3rd overall in 50cc, Keagan Thompson that placed 3rd overall in 70cc and Agostino Abbatiello that placed 3rd overall in 90cc.

The team at DRR would like to thank Unadilla MX for the generosity this weekend.

Family adventures are why this company began in the first place. Everyone we met along the way during this adventure showed us why we do what we do. We love going to different events, and we can’t wait for our next road trip!

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