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DRR USA 600 UT Utility All-Terrain Vehicle (600cc ATV)

Over the years we’ve built our DRR family around Youth ATVs. Our riders grew up racing DRRs. Because you grew up with us, we want to continue providing safe, reliable, and powerful quads for you to work, race and play. Because we all know, even adults have toys, which is why we created the DRR 600cc Adult Utility ATV.

What are the specs of 600cc Utility ATV?

The 48hp liquid cooled single cylinder engine is a beast whether you use it to ride through the woods or haul stuff through a field. What makes this particular all-terrain vehicle so powerful is its 46mm electronic fuel injection, along with a 16-bit tunable ECU.

It’s a rider friendly, comfortable ATV featuring electronic power steering for easy maneuverability.

The resilient slick exterior of the all-terrain vehicle is not only eye-catching but allows for easy cleaning. 

This ATV has two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and locking four-wheel drive. The DRR 600 is the only one in its class to have a full dashboard with a digital display.

With four-wheel drive, power steering, and optional winch, the 600 is perfect for the tough jobs.

So, suit up in your work boots and hop on. At DRR USA we want to enjoy what you do.

We want to help you, get things done.

Check out the video on our new 600cc ATV!

In our first look video, Carrie describes the features of the new 600cc Adult Utility ATV.

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