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DRR USA visits National Trailfest 2018

This past week, DRR traveled to National Trailfest 2018 and it was certainly an adventure. The lot of us packed up our ATVs and gear, then started the five-hour trek down to Gilbert, West Virginia.

It took some adjustment, especially for our social media team, to deal with limited phone service and no access to Facebook, Instagram, or even the blog. However, it gave us a chance to really get to know the people and look around at the beautiful scenery. Because it was absolutely breathtaking.

After arriving at National Trailfest, checking in, and getting some much-needed shut-eye, we set up our booth and lined up the DRR 600 UTs, DRX Minis, and our brand-new prototype Electric ATV. It was time to begin the day.  We showed off our ATVs, gave a test ride or two, asked questions, and learn a bit more about our trail going customers.

People responded well to the Electric ATV, even suggesting it would be great for hunting (since the ATV is silent with no fuel emissions). We were also fortunate enough to meet the guys from Wipe Em Out Outdoors, a TV show on the streaming Hunt Channel, who interviewed us about the E-ATV.

Trailfest was a different world than our usual motocross adventures. UTVs and ATVs lined the streets headed out to the trails or even went through the McDonald’s drive through.

Day three of National Trailfest…

We took the DRR 600 UT to the trails which was the experience of a lifetime. The entrance swiftly inclined about sixty degrees and from there it was all hills, twists, and turns. The 600 UT preformed at its peak easily making it through the steep, muddy terrain and even towing a broken-down ATV off the trail on the way back. 

DRR USA 600cc ATV National Trailfest 2018 Hatfield Mccoy

Everyone we met was the kind, give-you-the-shirt-off-their-back type. We are so grateful for all the directions they gave (because no phone service meant no google maps), and any help we received during the event.

We had a great time, if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, we recommend it to anyone who likes hard core trail riding.

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