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The Founding of DRR USA and our Impact on Youth ATVs

DRR USA, founded on the principles of safety, fun, and family, made its mark by introducing 50cc and 90cc gas youth ATVs to the market. This blog post delves into the history and significance of how we have transformed the off-road industry and promoted responsible ATV use among the younger generation.

The Birth of DRR

DRR USA was founded in 2000 in Brunswick, OH, by a passionate motorsports enthusiast and parent who recognized the need for a safer and more appropriate ATV option for


DRR USA Owner's children on DRR ATVs

Before DRR USA, the availability of youth ATVs was limited, and the few options on the market often lacked the necessary safety features and specifications tailored to younger riders.

Seeing an opportunity to make a difference, DRR USA took on the challenge of developing youth ATVs that would set new safety standards while providing an exhilarating experience for young adventure seekers. The company's vision was to inspire families to engage in outdoor activities together and foster a sense of responsible riding from an early age.

Safety First: Designing the First DRR ATVs

We carefully crafted the first ATVs to ensure that they were age-appropriate, easy to control, and equipped with safety features that would give parents peace of mind.

They feature throttle limiters, the lowest seat height, widest wheelbase, and dual gas-charged adjustable shocks, resulting in an ATV with exceptional handling.

DRR USA's commitment to safety extended beyond the product itself. The company launched various awareness campaigns, emphasizing the importance of proper safety gear, riding etiquette, and the need for adult supervision during ATV activities.

Responsible Riding Advocacy

As DRR USA gained popularity, its influence extended beyond the recreational vehicle industry. The company became a strong advocate for responsible riding practices and pushed for the implementation of age-appropriate regulations and safety standards across the ATV industry.


Stressing the importance of organizations like the ATV Safety Institute (ASI) and other prominent safety-focused entities, we have promoted educational programs that raised awareness about the importance of safe ATV riding. We aim to reduce ATV-related accidents among young riders and promote a culture of safety within the off-road community.

Impact and Recognition

The impact of DRR USA's efforts cannot be overstated. The introduction of 50cc and 90cc gas youth ATVs set a precedent in the industry, inspiring other manufacturers to follow suit and prioritize safety in their designs. As a result, the entire market experienced a positive shift, with safety becoming a paramount concern for manufacturers, retailers, and parents alike.

DRR USA's dedication to safety and advocacy also earned the company numerous awards and accolades. Industry experts recognized the brand as a trailblazer in promoting responsible riding practices and revolutionizing youth ATVs, which has led us to expand into the electric ATV market.

EV Adventure Electric ATV

DRR USA's foundation on 50cc and 90cc gas youth ATVs not only transformed the recreational vehicle industry but also had a lasting impact on youth ATV safety and advocacy. By prioritizing safety in its designs and actively promoting responsible riding practices, the company paved the way for a brighter, safer future for ATV enthusiasts.

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