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Outfitting Adult ATVs For Work

We realize ATVs for adults can be used for work. When outfitting your ATV it is important to follow all safety precautions and guidelines. Never exceed the maximum load found in the owner’s manual for your vehicle. Follow all safety guidelines and precautions located in your owner’s manual. DRR also recommends that riders take a safety riding course.

With that being said, here are some accessories a customer of DRR recommended to us.

List of Accessories


When using this ATV with a trailer or carrying cargo, slow down your riding speed.

Except for genuine DRR Parts and Accessories, DRR has no control over the design or application of accessories. In some cases, improper installation or use of accessories, or vehicle modifications, will void the vehicle warranty. In selecting and using accessories, and in loading the vehicle, you are personally responsible for your own safety and the safety of other persons involved. Because an all-terrain vehicle is sensitive to increases in weight, changes in weight distribution, and aerodynamic forces, you must take extreme care in the fitting of accessories.

The following general guidelines have been prepared to help you make your determinations.

1. Do not install accessories that impair the performance of the vehicle. Make sure that you have not adversely affected any lighting component, ground clearance, brake or control

operation, wheel movement, or any other aspect of the vehicle’s operation.

2. Weight attached to the handlebar will increase the mass of the steering assembly and can result in an unsafe riding condition.

3. DRR recommends you never add weight such as: Windshields, trunk boxes, and other large items can adversely affect stability and handling of the vehicle, because of their weight and the aerodynamic forces acting on these surfaces white the vehicle is in operation. Poorly designed or installed items can result in an unsafe riding condition.

DRR Parts and Accessories have been specially designed for use on DRR vehicles. We strongly recommend that all parts and accessories you add to your vehicle be genuine DRR components.


There is hazard when operating ATVs with improper modifications.

What Can Happen:

Improper installation of accessories or modification of this vehicle may cause changes in handling which could lead to an accident that results in severe injury or death.

How To Avoid the Hazard:

Never modify ATV through improper installation or use of accessories. All parts and accessories added to vehicle should be genuine DRR or equivalent components designed for use on this ATV and should be installed and used according to instructions.

If you have questions, consult an authorized ATV dealer.

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