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Places to Ride ATVs in Alaska

The ATV trails in Alaska offer over twenty awesome ATV riding trails. The best Alaska ATV trails based on popularity are considered to be Moose Creek Bluff ATV Trail, Bird Creek Valley Trail, Eklutna Lakeside Trail, Bald Mountain Trail, and Knik River Trail.

  1. MOOSE CREEK BLUFF ATV TRAIL, near Fairbanks and North Pole, this area contains roughly 10 miles of ATV riding routes. Only during the winter months, when freezing temps are in effect, are these tracks open (November to March). Starting at the bottom, where there is a service road heading to the top level, is the finest place to start riding Moose Creek. There is a wonderful view of the Alaska range in the distance after you reach the top. The service road will convert into a smaller ATV track at this point, which you should take all the way to the top, past the tower. Click on this link for more information:

  2. BIRD CREEK VALLEY TRAIL, located southeast of Anchorage and Indian in Chugach State Park, this trail follows the creek for 5.5 miles one way up to Bird Pass. Along the way, the ATV riding trail crosses through several huge trees. This area offers around 6 miles of somewhat challenging trails that run along the creek to Bird Pass. From late spring through early fall, you can access this trail! Click on this link for more information: Bird Valley Trailhead | ALASKA.ORG

  3. BALD MOUNTAIN TRAIL, located in Anchorage, this 22-mile trail climbs Bald Mountain from 700 feet to 3400 feet and is open to ATV riders. The Bald Mountain Hike is a VERY steep, rocky, and difficult trail. Be careful that this trail has a lot of search and rescue operations. It's better to inquire about current trail conditions with a local BLM law enforcement officer. For more information please visit this link: Bald Mountain Trail - Alaska Motorcycle and ATV Trails (

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