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Places to Ride ATVs in Wyoming

This state is huge, consisting of 5 national forests, 2 national parks, and 16 state parks, there are plenty of riding trails to choose from. Wyoming has 12 top riding spots to take an adventure on and enjoy some beautiful scenery. Below are some spots we found. You can visit this link Wyoming ATV Trails & Trail Maps | TrailLink for more info.

Off-road Trails in Wyoming
Best Places to Trail Ride In Wyoming

1. Bearlodge Pit

This area is a year-round attraction in the Black Hills National Forest. ATVs, UTVs, Jeeps, and other 4WD vehicles are allowed on this 5-mile trail. An end cap or a silencer with spark arresting exhaust is required on all vehicles. A noise regulation of up to 96 decibels, or the equivalent of ATVs, is in place. Any noise that is louder than that is unacceptable! Aside from that, Bearlodge Pit is a great site to spend a full day exploring. While exploring the national forest's motorized routes and gravel pit, you could also stay overnight at nearby Cook Lake. There are no admission or parking charges.

2. Blacktail ATV Trails

Due to the occasional snow, this 20-mile track near Sundance, Wyoming is only open from May 25 to December 15. You can ride your motorbike, dirt bike, UTV, SXS, or ATV on this ATV Trail in the Black Hills National Forest. Just a friendly reminder that jeeps, dune buggies, and 4x4 sand rails are not permitted on the trail. For all vehicles seeking to travel through Blacktail ATV Trails, a 96-dB noise limit is imposed, with a mandatory spark arrestor. The trails at Blacktail are barely maintained and range in elevation from 4600 to 5500 feet. There are no parking, entry, or riding fees on this trail! They charge roughly $24 for a tent to a Travel trailer if you want to camp. The Blacktail ATV Trails are adequate for beginner trailers, and there are minimal hazards, which are commonly expected.

3. Heritage Trail

This trail runs from Shoshoni to Riverton and consists of pavement from the Riverton trailhead to the town's outskirts. It's primarily dirt or gravel from there north. The trail is fairly rugged in sections, and motorized vehicles do utilize it. The trail winds across wetlands, waterways, and uphill arid terrain.

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