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Places to Ride ATVs: North Dakota Edition

Next on our list is the beautiful state of North Dakota. Did you know that 39.1 million acres, nearly 90% of North Dakota's land area, are in farms and ranches? This state also has 9 great places to do some off-road trail riding, believe it or not! We found a few places that may catch your attention when visiting this state with your electric ATV or dirt bike. You can visit for more info.

  1. Rough Rider OHV Trail, One of the most popular trails in the state is said to be this one. It's open all year and even has an old train track on it! Riders of all ages will enjoy this trail. The 16.5-mile trail starts at the Fort Rice Campground and ends in Little Heart Bottoms. Highway 1806, which winds along the magnificent Missouri River, is about 30 miles south of Mandan. The trail is largely gravel and surface soil, with a few stream crossings and mild grades. The route is typically 50-55 inches wide. There are several areas along the walk where you can sit and enjoy the view while taking photographs. At the campground, you'll find restrooms, telephones, water, and parking. The campground charges a small fee to enter. All motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and SXSs, as well as ATVs, UTVs, and SXSs, are allowed. All cars must have spark arresting silencers or end caps installed. All equipment must also have a current North Dakota Trail Access Permit. The trail is fully free to ride. Riders must stick on the main path because trailblazing is prohibited.

  2. Kimball Bottoms OHV Area, There are about 400 acres of paths to explore, as well as two islands accessible only when the water level is low. It's conceivable that flooding will occur, so check the weather forecast before going outside. Fishing, boating, and swimming are popular activities in the area. The rustic campgrounds have access to a boat ramp. At Kimball Bottoms, motorcycles and dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, SXS, SUVs, Jeeps, dune buggies, and sand rail 4x4s are all welcome. All cars must have a spark-stopping silencer or end cap. MX helmets are obligatory for riders under the age of 18, however, they should be worn by all riders. Trailblazing is permitted, but please double-check before doing so. Kimball Bottoms has gotten a lot of good reviews.

  3. Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area Trailhead, Another popular adventure trail in North Dakota is the Pembina Trail. There are around 30 kilometers of trails, both hard-packed and smooth, on the property. From the third week of May through the middle of October, the museum is only open. It is still closed due to the heavy rain. The scenic road makes its way through the woods, providing panoramic views of the Three Sister Hills, valleys, and rivers. Helmets should be worn by all passengers, and all vehicles should have current registration and authorization. Trailblazing is prohibited, so stick to the well-worn trails.

Remember when planning trips to these parks you want to make sure to follow the rules. Your vehicles must be properly registered and do not ride in restricted areas. You can find more details about riding here.

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