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Places To Ride In South Dakota

Not only does this state have the beautiful well-known monument “Mount Rushmore” to see while visiting, it also has 18 of the best trail riding spots. Check out some of the trails we found!

Trails In South Dakota
Places To Ride In South Dakota

1. Antelope Springs Trailhead

Several good off-road riding paths may be found in Sulphur, Oklahoma. Near the Redbank Campground, the Antelope Springs Trailhead provides shared access for ATVs and OHVs, as well as hikers and bikers. The trail is very flat, making it a great place to start if you're new to ATV riding. It will take you to a variety of picturesque sites, including deep lakes and trees with a variety of foliage, as well as some amazing wildlife. If you need to stop for the night, Beaver Creek Campground is located on the trail. Click here for more info.

2. Bluebird Trailhead

The Custer, Senator, and Pringle communities are surrounded by a remarkable limestone canyon on which this trail runs. Locals advocate traveling east or south once you reach the trail's terminus to enjoy the best views of the Ward Reservoir, McClure Dam, or other locations. The Bluebird path runs through several creepy ghost towns, the 12-mile Stagecoach Ranch, and a slew of lakes and dams, all of which let you learn more about South Dakota's past. Click on the above-mentioned link for further details. Clink here for more info.

3. Bear Lodge Mountains

Located north of Sundance in the Black Hills National Forest, contain miles of forest roads open to ATV riding. The altitudes vary between 4,000 and 7,000 feet. Take US90 west to Exit 185 to get to the Reuter Parking Area from Sundance. For 1 mile, follow US14 west. For 2 miles, turn right on Sundance-Warren Peak Road and go north.

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