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Places To Ride In Wisconsin

We all know this state is known for its amazing cheeses. Wisconsin is also one of the top states to go trail riding and offers beautiful scenery with a variety of terrain. Below are a few places we found to check out while visiting this state!

Places To Trail Ride In Wisconsin
ATV Trails In Wisconsin

1. Washburn County Scenic ATV Tour

We found this place is one of the best ATV trails to explore in Wisconsin. You can ride 100 miles on these trails and find out about the state’s history, discover ruins of old buildings, and enjoy the Namekagon River. This is a great place for tourism. There are options for renting ATVs, ample parking, restaurants, and accommodations.

2. Black River State Forest

With more than 330,000 acres of public land, this trail located in the central Wisconsin area near the city of Black River Forest is the perfect place to experience the beauty of this state! An extra perk is the forest is open all year long. The Wazee Lake is definitely something to see and experience. Overnight camping is also permitted. Click here for more information.

3. Douglas County Trail System

There are 1,200 miles of trails, with 300 miles being maintained all year. This path system weaves its way through Douglas County's forest, which is one of the state's largest. It includes places that are well-kept all year so you may have UTV fun there in the winter or summer. Motorcycles and smaller recreational vehicles are not permitted unless the Forestry Department has granted authorization. You are advised to contact the Douglas County Forestry Department for more information.

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