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Places To Trail Ride In Colorado

This state has breathtaking views of beautiful landscapes and the snow-capped Rocky Mountains. If you’re an outdoor lover and enjoy riding all-terrain vehicles such as four-wheelers and dirt bikes, then this is the state for you to experience some awesome riding! Colorado offers a ton of choices for your riding adventure needs. Check out a couple of the places below.

Colorado ATV Trails
ATV Trails in Colorado

1. Lizard Head Trail

You can enjoy views of the waterfalls while rolling through spruce-fir and aspen forests roughly 7 miles long, crossing Bilk Creek Basin. This trail isn't extremely lengthy, but the vistas are spectacular, and it connects to the Wilson Mesa Trail for further exploration. It's not overly technical, so it's appropriate for any ATV and rider. Click here for more information.

2. Texas Creek ATV Trails

These trails, which are located in South Central Colorado, will provide some of the greatest riding in Colorado, as they circle Table Mountain and offer a variety of terrain to accommodate every member of the family. Stay on the eastern slopes for gentler conditions and easier riding, and head west for harder trails for a more adventurous ride. Click here for more information.

3. Alpine Loop

This area is a popular ATV riding loop located southeast of Montrose and southwest of Gunnison. Lake City, a historic mining town, is an excellent place to start exploring magnificent alpine scenery by ATV. Engineer Pass and American Basin are two of the most interesting vistas. This area contains some of the state's most magnificent mountains and rivers. Click here for more information.

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