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Places To Trail Ride In Massachusetts

Next on our list, trails to hit up in the state of Massachusetts. There are three known off-roading trails to take an adventure on in this state. Check out what we found below.

Massachusetts ATV Trails
ATV Trails In Massachusetts

1. Beartown State Forest

The Beartown State Forest, near Monterey in the southern Bershires, is the starting point for almost 25 miles of ATV routes. The Bershire Trails Council works together to keep these trails in good shape.

2. Pittsfield State Forest

The Pittsfield State Forest, located west of Pittsfield in the Taconic Range, features 14 miles of ATV tracks. The Bershire Paths Council works with the Bershire Trails Council to maintain these ATV trails. To use the Pittsfield State Forest trail system, you must first obtain a free OHV permit.

3. October State Forest

The 16,000-acre October State Forest in the Berkshires, located northeast of Lee in the Berkshires, features 30 miles of trails and logging roads open to ATV riding.

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