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Places To Trail Ride In New Hampshire

If you are heading to this state and looking for some rough terrain and mud pits, then this is the right choice for off-road riding. This state offers various locations for trail riding. New Hampshire is home to the longest OHRV trail system in the United States. Check out a few places below that we found!

New Hampshire ATV Trails
ATV Trails in New Hampshire

1. Jericho Mountain State Park

Located in Berlin, NH, is a true ATV hotspot. ATVs, UTVs, trail bikes, and snowmobiles are all accepted on the trails, which span many kilometers. Jericho Mountain State Park is a terrific all-around vacation spot with outdoor activities including swimming and paddling on the lake, as well as camping. In addition, the Jericho ATV Festival is held here every year. Over 6,000 ATV fans get up to ride together, compete in Mud Pit races, and look at the latest and best ATVs on the market at the Berlin NH ATV trails. For more info, click here.

2. Great North Woods ATV Trails

Volunteers and landowners near Pittsburg, NH, maintain these Pittsburg NH ATV routes. The trail system, which is also part of the Ride the Wilds network, covers 8,000 acres of wilderness (nearly 120 miles of trails). Click here for more information.

3. Bear Rock Adventures

Distinguished by its location on Ride the Wilds' 1,000-plus-mile trail system, numerous riding choices, including guided ATV tours and personalized itineraries, and exceptional customer service. Bear Rock can accommodate singles, couples, families, and people of all skill levels, allowing everyone to enjoy the thrilling sport of ATVing. Take a self-guided tour with your machine of choice, or hire an experienced tour guide. Whether you want to seek out mountaintops for expansive panoramas, witness wildlife in its natural habitat, overcome hard routes, or simply try something new, Bear Rock Adventures can provide you with everything you need for an unforgettable ride. For more info, click here.

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