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Modern Moto! The DRR Stealth Electric ATV

Article highlights:

  • DRR has launched the Stealth Electric ATV, a new electric off-road vehicle that offers a quiet and powerful ride.

  • The vehicle is powered by a 72-volt, 4-kilowatt lithium-ion battery and electric motors, providing power comparable to a 600cc utility four-wheeler.

  • It has a range of 35 miles uphill at maximum speed, which can be extended with an optional second battery pack.

  • The ATV can be charged through a standard outlet in just six hours and has a digital dash that provides battery and speed information.

  • It also features disc brakes, adjustable suspension, and racks that can carry loads up to 365 lbs.

  • The DRR Stealth Electric ATV is available on Kickstarter.

  • More electric modes of transportation are expected to come soon.

This article was written by Shane Breen at Stupid Dope.

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