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Technical Bulletin- Verifying your DRR USA Off-road Parts

In our ongoing commitment to maintaining the safety of all riders, it is important to explain the importance of maintaining your factory DRR USA parts. This technical bulletin provides guidance on how to verify that your vehicle is equipped with standard parts.


DRR USA factory parts play a critical role in rider safety, handling, and performance. The use of non-standard or aftermarket shocks can lead to potential safety issues. Therefore, it is imperative that all ATVs maintain genuine factory DRR components.

Depending on which dealership you purchased from, and the model of the unit, stickers or branding may appear different on some parts. Here's an example of how you know your mini gas ATV parts are authentic:

Verification Process
  1. Locate shock absorbers:

2. Confirm shocks are marked with either branding*

  • DNM

  • YIT

3. Standard ignition coils can either be orange or black.

4. To verify other parts including the carburetor

and sprockets that may vary, please consult with

DRR USA customer support at

Monday through Friday: 10:00am - 4:00pm EST

DRR USA recommends conducting this verification prior to riding or using the ATV. If you are in need of any replacement parts, please visit

We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the integrity and safety of our performance vehicles. Your commitment to using genuine parts ensures the best possible riding experience.

*Please keep in mind that DRR USA has the right to change any stock part at any time without notice due to supply chain constraints.

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