Updated: Feb 13, 2020

This past weekend was definitely one for the books! Our social media team drove 9 hours to Hurricane Mills, Tennessee for the Loretta Lynn MX Nationals race.

The stakes were high for the last nationals race of the season.  After Redbud Nationals a few weeks ago, only a 10 point difference existed in the pro class between Chad Wienen and Joel Hetrick.

Arrival at ATV MX Nationals

We arrived in Tennessee Friday evening with high hopes for a jam-packed weekend of racing. Early Saturday morning we entered the Loretta Lynn Dude Ranch and set up our equipment for a long, hot day.

With our mini’s evenly spread out throughout the day, we had plenty of time to meet new riders and introduce ourselves to families. We met plenty of new people, made new friends, took some fantastic pictures. Not to mention great feedback from race parents.

As the Pro race approached, it was awesome to see all of our mini riders line up and get pumped up to see their idols race. The Pro race was nothing short of spectacular with a huge number of complications in the first moto. After a chain snap in the first moto for Joel Hetrick, Chad Wienen locked in his 6th ATV Motocross National Championship by ONE point. This season was definitely full of great races, heated competitions, and perfect photo opportunities.

Almost all of the mini-gate drops this weekend were JAM PACKED with DRR’s. Something we always like to see! Although the weather was SUPER hot and terribly humid, we stayed hydrated and cool enjoying every second of the races.

A Thank You to Our Riders

DRR USA would like to thank all of the families for the loyalty they showed our company this entire National’s season. We want to congratulate all our riders for their dedication and passion. Watching the races were the highlight of our trip. Our Dirt Road Riders have improved so much this season. We look forward to many more adventures and meeting more families in the years to come!

Be sure to check out our other adventure blog posts about the Mini Quad Mega Camp and Unadilla MX and take a look at our Facebook page @DRRoffroad for the pictures from Loretta Lynn’s in the upcoming weeks!

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