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Using an ORV's on a Movie Set

How to use and ORV on a Movie Set
ORV's On The Job

Electric ATVs on Movie Sets

Not only are offroad vehicles (ORVs) used in films for their spotlight, but did you know that producer use them to film? Filming with an ORV makes perfect sense for many reasons. When using an electric ATV, the noise level is going to be much quieter. These units are also used to mount cameras to be able to get more angles of videoing and also the camera would be able to be extended to get a wider view. Last but not least, electric offroad vehicle can accelerate quickly so you can capture that perfect action shot! With the maneuverability of these off-road vehicles, they are great to give the viewer the perfect tour of a movie set for the ultimate fan experience.

How to Equip an Electric ATV for a Studio

Since these machines are equipped with racks to be able to mount cameras to capture that perfect scene, you might wonder how to equip the ORV for filming. With racks located on the front and the rear of the quad, you would be able to mount cameras on both or just one rack. If an EMS is needed on site, an ORV can be used as an emergency vehicle since they are not only compact but also have the capability of carrying emergency equipment or storage containers with medical supplies. Some ORV’s also have the option to come with mirrors, turn signals, and a horn, like our EV Adventure 2x4 ATV.

Feature an ATV in the film

Electric ATVs are also fumeless and can be safe to use indoors and outside with proper riding training and an understanding of the vehicle's capabilities. With all the noise that comes with filming a movie, who needs extra? Since electric ORVs are silent, this would allow the producers and cast to communicate without extra distractions and loud noise. Have an action scene to film? Why not use one of these DRR electric vehicles in your film? Not only are there different options, but you can also change up the look with different decal kits.

Disclaimer: Always remember to use safety equipment while operating the ATV. Under no circumstances is it okay to film or tape scenes that put yourself, the cast, the crew, or the public in harm's way. No shot is ever worth an injury or death. Safety first, always. Please take a proper ATV riding course for the safety of you and others nearby.

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