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Which Brand Electric ATV To Buy & How To Choose

Choosing the best electric ATV for you may be a difficult decision to make with a lot of new options available on the market. We want to help you recognize things to consider before you make your purchase.

1. Does the brand have a US Consumer Product Safety Plan?

  1. “What is a Consumer Product Safety Action Plan?” ... Well, it is an action plan submitted to The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. They are an independent agency of the United States government that promotes safety of consumer products by enforcing several federal laws. These laws authorize the agency to protect the public against unreasonable risks of toxic material, injuries, and deaths associated with consumer products.

  2. According to CPSC, “It is unlawful for an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) manufacturer or distributor to import into or distribute in commerce in the United States any new assembled or unassembled ATV, unless the ATV is subject to an Action Plan on file with the Commission and the manufacturer/distributor complies with all provisions of the Action Plan (as well as all provisions of the ANSI/SVIA 1-2017 standard for ATVs). Action Plans must be approved by the Commission. "

  3. List of Approved Action Plans: Consumer Product Safety Action Plan

It is important to purchase an all-terrain vehicle that is not illegal to receive a Manufacturer Certificate of Origin or Manufacture Statement of Origin. You need that to ensure owner due diligence of getting the title and registration. It also needs to be a legal ATV to purchase theft and liability insurance.

You CAN NOT ride the ATV in national parks if you don’t have this information.

2. You won’t be able to receive financing for an illegal vehicle.

3. Do they meet standards set by the American National Standards Institute?

  1. “Globally relevant standards and the conformance measures that assure their effective use help to increase efficiency, open markets, boost consumer confidence, and reduce costs. And ANSI is the U.S. leader in fostering that potential for the benefit of businesses across every industry and consumers around the world.”

The other companies participating in unlawful business will try to help you smuggle ATVs into the country. Issues with this have negative effects on the off road vehicle industry in the United States. They also negatively impact consumers on future protection of the customer such as: getting title, registration, insurance, and finding new parts.

4. Destroyed at Border

  1. If the product is discovered to be illegal it will be frozen at the US border, destroyed and you will not be refunded for your purchase. Large fines are associated with the importer and/or the manufacturer receiving and sending the product.

5. Parts Availability

  1. If you break a part on the vehicle how difficult will it be to find the parts and someone to replace it or work on it?

6. Do they have a dealer network established to help with any questions you may have?

7. Are they headquartered in the USA?

8. Does the ATV have a lead acid or lithium ion battery?

a. Do you have to charge the batteries individually?

b. Are they easily removable?

c. If one battery cell goes out, will the vehicle completely stop operating?

9. Is the vehicle user friendly- Is it a simple gear change or a process to reverse?

10. Does it have the torque you need?

11. Can a winch be attached?

Here at DRR USA you will not encounter any issues with those problems. We have an action plan on file with CPSC and do our absolute best to help our customers!!

DRR USA was founded with safety in mind for our family and yours. Our decisions and products are inspired with our customers in mind regarding safety, passions, work and more! There is nothing like the excitement and passion we feel, knowing people from all around the world enjoy our products with their friends and family sharing the same hobbies we love.

With that being said, our all-electric product line will surely blow your mind! We have taken a lot of thought, time and commitment to producing products worthy of the tasks.

With ZERO carbon emissions DRR Electric ATVs do not emit dangerous levels of airborne toxins such as: nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and ozone. Those harmful pollutants degrade air quality and alter ground chemistry. Our ATVs have a silent motor, which reduces stress on wildlife and for the first time you can hear sounds of nature while riding your ATV. Another awesome thing about our electric quads is there are 1000+ fewer parts which means less maintenance required. We are based out of Brunswick, OH and have certified DRR dealers across America that will know how to repair our ATVs. Our quads are so easy to fix or diagnose that we offer a Zoom Repair Consultation available on our website:

We will also be releasing our Electric UTV, the EV Pathfinder, very soon!

Here are some awesome videos to show you how simple our ATV is:

Picture shown is DRR EV Adventure four wheeler in the mountains
All-Electric ATVs and UTV

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