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10 Best Places to Ride ATVs: Texas Edition

We’re continuing our ATV travel guides and this time we’re covering some favorite locations in Texas. As always, call before you haul and make sure to check out the rules and trail maps before taking a visit.

This ATV park is on over 2,000 acres with miles of wooded trails for riders of all skill levels. In addition to their top notch off road trails, they provide places for camping, including cabin rentals, tents, or RV hookups. They also have spots for swimming and fishing as well.

Located on the Sabine river along the Texas and Louisiana state line, this place has trails on over 3,000 acres of land. Sabine offers trails for riders of all levels and has water crossings, bogs, and shallow creek runs. There is also access to camping on site.

This place welcomes just about any and every type of off road vehicle imaginable. They are open year round and half the property is wetlands, the other half is dry, so it offers the complete variety when it comes to trails. You can experience challenges such as hill climbs, mud pits, and an obstacle course. Camping is also accessible on site.

If you’re looking for a place to practice tricks, look no further. Bad Lands offers classes and has multiple different trick tracks for you or a group to get some practice. Their tracks have challenges such as a rhythm section, elevation changes, numerous doubles, table-tops, a whoops section and triples.

Creekside has trails on over 350 acres, and Peach Creek runs through the middle of the property. It is legal to ride through Peach Creek as well. Camping sites are available for those looking to stay a while.

With over 2,000 acres, Hidden Falls truly has something for everyone. They have trails for newbies and long time off road riders. They even have expert level off road courses that they are famous for. Camping is available for those that want to make a multi day trip out of their visit.

This park offers more than 25 miles of trails and has a variety that both thrill seekers and scenic riders will enjoy. Trails are marked by difficulty so riders know what to expect. The park welcomes just about any kind of off road vehicle to enjoy their trails. Camping is not available due to Covid-19.

Located on about 100 acres of land, this is the home to some well loved and maintained trails in Texas. This place is very beginner friendly and is a great place for younger and newer riders. They also have weekly night riding events for those that are interested.

This place is different from the others, there is no office and the only things you need with you to ride is a helmet, state permit, and your vehicle. Any ORV is welcome and there is no curfew for the park. Rentals are not available and there are no RV hookups but camping is still available and there are public restrooms.

This place offers a 10 mile stretch of trails. Camping for both tents and RVs is available for those looking to spend a weekend and explore everything the park has to offer. THis park is beginner friendly and not too challenging but still enjoyable for more experienced riders.

That wraps up our top ten list for Texas. If you’re from the area, let us know your favorite locations in the comments or what state you would like us to cover next.

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