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Best Places to Ride ATVs: Idaho Edition

Image of a map with the state of Idaho with the title Best Places To Ride ATVs: Idaho Edition
Best Places to Ride Off-road in Idaho

If you’re living in Idaho or passing through and looking for new places to go off roading, we’ve put together a list (in no particular order) of some of the best places that are worth the trip.

1. Baumgartner Trails

In the Sawtooth National Forest Baumgartner has 100s of miles of trails.There are challenging trails like the Iron Mountain Lookout which is a steep ascent. Learn more here.

2. Fourth of July Pass

Off Rt. 90 east of Coeur D'alene lies Fourth of July Pass. Ride 35 miles of trails through the pine forests of western Idaho. Beginner friendly trails make it a good place to ride.

Go to the website.

3. Caribou Loop Trail

Crossing the Idaho Wyoming Border is Caribou Loop Trail. The main loop is 200 miles long with hundreds of miles of secondary roads and trails. There are plenty of great views to enjoy including mountain peaks, lakes and valleys. Visit here to learn more.

4. South Hills

South of Twin Falls on Rt. 93 is South Hills. In the shadow of Pike Mountain are over 50 miles of designated ATV trails. These dirt trails wind through the hilly evergreen forests. There is camping directly connected to the trails such as Third Fork and Porcupine Springs. Learn more here.

5. Elk City Wagon Trail

On Rt. 14 on the way to historic Elk City is an ATV trail that was once used to transport supplies to miners working in the area. There are historical landmarks to see.

6. Danskin Mountains OHV

Over 160 miles of trails on 6000 acres makes for great riding experiences. Just a few miles from Boise these trails offer tight trails through scrub and over hills. Be careful as half the trails are marked OHM, or motorcycle only. Click here to learn more.

7. McCroskey State Park

McCroskey State Park is named after Mary McCroskey, a pioneer woman who settled in eastern Washington, and is dedicated to the hardship faced by all pioneer women. In the park is Skyline Drive, a rough road that leads to 32 miles of trails for ATVS. Learn more about the park here.

8. Magruder Road Corridor

Magruder Road is a hard packed one lane road that travels from Red River to Darby Mt. Not far from our 5th trail in Elk City Magruder offers over 100 miles of trails through the mountains and over rivers. This trail has a lot to offer and is perfect for a weekend getaway in the wilderness. Learn more here.

9. Rabbit Creek OHV

In Murphy, ID is Rabbit Creek. This 54 mile loop through the scrub area south of Boise. There are plenty of smaller loops built into the larger one so you can go as far as you'd like. This is perfect for a day trip. Visit the website to learn more.

For most of these trails the DRR EV Adventure is suitable to get around. With a 50 mile battery and top speeds of up to 40 mph, the EV Adventure is perfect to use for your next adventure! Enjoy nature on a more eco-friendly ATV than a gas ATV.

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