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DRR Electric ATV User Friendliness

Innovation never stops. Here at DRR USA, we have redefined what user-friendliness means when it comes to off-roading, all because of our electric ATVs. This blog post highlights the key updates and changes that our electric ATVs have that their traditional gas alternatives are missing.

Gripper seat

Seats that have traction boost the confidence of the rider in all elements. It provides support while racing or in the rain and mud when a smooth seat would be particularly slippery. Gripper seats are also easier on the arms because it reduces tension arms built up from holding the rider in control of the ATV. It also prevents slipping upon acceleration.

2lb throttle

Thumb throttles are the perfect feature for people that are newer to ATV life. They are great steering aids as they make maneuverability easier for the rider. Our throttle is a lightweight total of 2lbs, which means using it for long periods is easier on the hands and wrists, reducing strain on the rider for longer adventures.

Battery lift

We understand that a common concern regarding electric vehicles is charge time and how much battery range it holds. This is why we made our batteries interchangeable, so you can charge a battery while using an alternative battery. Swapping is simple and can be done in minutes since we implemented a battery lift feature.

1,000 fewer parts

Say goodbye to oil changes, spark plugs, and air filter exchanges. Our electric four-wheelers offer reduced maintenance, meaning more time can be spent riding rather than repairing. Typically, ATVs require general maintenance about every 100 hours of use (depending on the ATV). The maintenance that E-ATVs require is significantly less as they have so many fewer parts.

No toxic fumes

Being at the back of the pack of traditional ATVs can leave an odor on your clothes and equipment, as well as the unpleasantness of smelling gas and oil while riding all day. Riding in groups will be much more comfortable not only because there is no sound, but also because there are no fumes. This is especially valuable in situations such as ATV tours, where there is a consistent group of ATV riders regularly.

Completely silent engine

Experience the outdoors like never before. The silence won’t scare animals away like traditional ATVs, Riders will be able to truly immerse themselves in nature by being able to see and hear everything it has to offer. This is another desirable feature for ATV tours, as the silence of the ATV allows for a tour guide to speak to the group effortlessly. It is also a useful feature for farm and vineyard workers, where communication is necessary.

Digital display

We've equipped all our electric ATVs with a digital display of all necessary specs. This ensures that the rider will never be left guessing or missing out on important information.

Currently, we have 3 different electric ATV models with various modifications. For example, if you're looking for ATVs for an ATV tour, we can make our models more versatile to fit different needs.

For more information on our E-ATVs, such as pricing and availability, visit our page here.

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