Rider Showcase: Jaxson Ostrich

DRR USA is proud to announce our Rider Showcase of the fall quarter, (wait for it…) Jaxson Ostrich! Jaxson is seven years old and currently racing a white, green, and blue DRX 50.

About the Rider

Wreck it Ralph-Jaxson started his riding career at the age of three on a LTZ50. The first time he started it up and took off, he flipped the thing (the Suzuki that is). Thankfully, he popped back up and was ready to go again even expressing he wanted to learn how to fall off without hurting himself. That’s some dedication.

At the age of five, Jaxson started riding local series even clenching the championship on his DRR DRX 50. Which meant, he was ready to move up in the ranks to the next level. Now he mostly rides in the GNCC circuit in the ATV MICRO class. During one of his races in Tomahawk, New York, his father and him talked about what needed to be done to clench the race. Jaxson replied with “I want an overall just as bad.” DRR admires that kind of spirit. Heart is just as important as anything else when it comes to racing quads. Currently, Jaxson is second overall in his class.

Racing is a family sport for the Ostrichs driving all over the U.S.A. to various tracks from Florida to Indiana. Jaxson draws his inspiration from his brother Landon, who races as well. Watching his brother race and riding with him motivates Jaxson during his long cross-country treks. One of Jaxson’s favorite things is sitting down with his family for dinner.

When asked what he had planned for his racing future, Jaxson responded with, “I want to be just like Adam McGill because he always tells me good luck and watches me when I make the podium for the youth races. He is always joking around with me. At John Penton he even stopped during the race and gave me a fist bump. That was awesome. I want to be a Pro Quad racer when I’m older.” But that isn’t his only aspiration. Jaxson also wants to work at a gas well site, just like his dad.

We wish Jaxson the best of luck in all future races. Follow our social media for more of Jaxson in the next few months!

We would like to thank everyone who submitted a nomination. We appreciate all our riders and will still consider past nominations for the winter quarter. You can submit Rider Showcase Here.


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