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Rider Showcase: Skyler Houston

Our first-ever showcase rider for DRR USA is… (Drum roll please) Skyler Houston! Skyler Houston is a ten-year-old from Shelldalh, Iowa and he LOVES his DRR.

First off, we want to say thank you to everyone that has nominated someone (or themselves) for our Showcase Rider program! All of the nominations will stay in the running for next quarter and the Google Form will remain open for new nominations to continue rolling in.

About the Rider

Skyler started riding quads when he was 3! His dad brought home his very first quad. Ever since then, he has loved riding, racing and just about anything that has to do with his ATV.

Skyler loves the challenge and will try any competition that he can. He races hare scrambles, 180 drags, straight drags, obstacles, TT and regular ATV races on a track with his DRR 90. He said the thing that he loves most about his DRR is its speed, agility, and that it handles “like a dream”.

For Skyler, racing is a family ordeal. His family comes out to support him doing what he loves the most and to make the race weekend fun.

“I love to just ride and have fun in the woods,” Houston said. “I love all types of racing and all of the different types of people that you get to meet.”

Aside from racing, Skyler enjoys hanging out with his family, having bonfires and playing with his 1-year-old husky. He likes to play basketball, baseball, run, and ride his dirt bike or his BMX bike! Skyler’s favorite color is blue and he loves to eat quesadillas.

His idol is Eli Tomac because he thinks that he is a great racer. He also loves Eli Tomac because of his dedication to the sport of racing and how fast he is. When Skylar is older, he wants to be a pro racer just like Eli Tomac because he wants to do what he loves for the rest of his life.

Keep an eye out for more posts this quarter about Skyler and his awesome skills!

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